Oh So Much To Do

 Burr....storms came through last night and the temps dropped. Temps had been hitting 80 degrees for four day, not hot cause there was no humidity and it was nice out. However this morning it was 48 degrees when I got up. I am in the mood to make some soup. Since I had my gastric bypass surgery I have grown to love one dish meals and winter is a great time to throw that stuff in one pot and enjoy!

I was never a big soup maker cause my ex loved a meat and two so that is the way I learned to cook. But I did make a couple like potato soup (I love) and chili,which I am not sure is a soup or not. I make a form of veggie soup but that is not one of my fave. A few years ago I made my first chicken noodle soup. But I am in the mood for a one pot meal and something new. I think I am going to shoot for a pumpkin soup! Will let you know if I do or don't....and how it was.

Tis Saturday while I write to post. I have washed dishes and I sit to take a break before dressing and heading to recycle. I need to get things done today. I did not do anything for the last four days. Had issues with sleep!! No clue, could not shut the mind off for two nights only getting three to four hours sleep both nights. Pain and lack of sleep put me down on Thursday. Plans were to jump up and clean on Friday but then I had to jump up and drive to check on Caleb. Worn out when I got home so I did NOTHING!

Thoughts are recycle. Come back here and sweep and mop the kitchen. Put away some laundry and maybe go play in the garage. I have some projects I plan on getting done. Matter of fact, I have a list of things (small things) to build. 

I saw this on Pinterest, made for color pens. However I want to build something like this for my container of paints. 
Mine will be different. I will not hang it, it will sit on a shelve, pretty sure I will put a backing on it also. When storing my paints I will put the lid to the back so that you will see the colors in the container. 

Planning on a small shelving unit for the wall in the bathroom. 
I got my idea for that shelving unit from this pic.

I think at this point I one want to shelves and one side will stick out further on the side like above only the other will stick out more on the other side. 

On the list of things to build is a stove noodle (seems like a strange name for this). It covers the top of the stove and allows for prep space if needed but only if not cooking on it!

Also...I need to build something for Chey to get on the bed. I first thought of a ramp but if I do that then it would stretch pretty much the length of the bed to keep it from being steep. So I think I have decided on steps. 

There are other things but one for sure that I hope to get done this winter is my dining table. 

Plus I need to finish the old sewing machine cabinet I am working on for my plumbing friend. I have it stripped but now I need to sand, stain and seal. 

not to mention finish the garage, the office and the den....

CRAP....I need to get off here and move it!



Sandee said…
You are always busy. That's not a bad thing. Oh the ramps and stairs for our babies. We did the same thing. It's what you do.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all the babes. ♥
We sure enjoy seeing your creative ideas. Our Mom and Dad enjoy Soup Season and fresh baked bread. Hey, Tropical Storm Zeta went by this morning and we still have 50MPH wind gusts going on, yikes!
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) The stove noodle and pen shelf are both great ideas!!!
Ann said…
I wish I could do wood projects like you do but I can't even cut a straight line when I'm using a saw...lol
I'm like you though, I have lots of ideas for projects. I just wish I could find the time and motivation to do them all.
Liz A. said…
Lots to do. I'm sure you'll get it all done eventually.
You keep busy, busy, busy :)

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
I like the idea of the pencil thing and it makes sense to have it on your desk where it is handy. Lots of projects on your plate, my dear! Onward!
CHERI said…
You are one busy and talented lady! I've never heard of a stove noodle!!! Neat idea though. Wish I had known about that before we renovated...my kitchen had little counter space! Now I have a huge island that I love. SLEEP??? What's that? On the rare night that I sleep (halfway) well, I praise the Lord!!!! It happens rarely. My mind races with a thousand different thoughts...and none of them really make any sense!!!! Hope you sleep better!
InGa said…
I think the ideas and the implementation are very good.
I also work a lot with wood myself, so I know what I'm talking about.
Best regards
Karl Heinz

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