Iris Painting and How my Talents Started

 Morning folks.

Blogging ahead again! haha....I blog when a thought hits me to blog about but then later on I am trying to remember if I did a blog or if I meant to do a blog!

Anyway, been going through some of my old pics and ran across a pic of a painting I did. I worked in the printing division for the state of TN for years, photo services (where I work now) is a part of printing, actually it is called Media Services. So once in printing I walked out to bindery and saw this beautiful printed cover. I was drawn to it and felt I wanted to paint it. I contacted Jed, supervisor of photo serv at the time and asked did he mind if I painted it, and come to find out it was a pic he had taken. 

This pic does not do it justice at all. The boarder around it was applied to the printed cover and since I liked that I also applied it to my painting. As you can tell it starts dark and fades to light at the bottom. 

What was funny about me doing this painting was that I finished it up and in a couple of weeks, I was asked to join photo service in a position I applied for. 

I framed the painting and it sat on a table in my office for four years. We had a customer that had visited our office several times. When I say that is she worked for a department in state government that we worked with. She wanted to buy this painting so bad. I said no early on but then after I had four years with photo services, she asked again. I finally gave in. A few weeks later I was hired by the TBI to move on with my journey in life.

I was reading blogs this morning and Jeanie at
was talking about talent and art. I had to jump in and blog about that. 

I was not a coloring person. Mom loved to color and we would all grab a coloring book and all color together. This next comment should not surprise anyone that knows me....I hated to color inside the lines. 


I am not really sure when and where it all started, I think I was around 12 or so. I think it started with a potholder loom. I loved that thing!

Then it went into a kit with beads, making a chocker.
It was not just like this but it was these beads and it did not have the dangling beads hanging down. This kit was sort like a weaving thing with the beads to get it wide like this.

I took up embroidery on pillowcases.

Then that ventured off to embroidery on jeans.

My oldest brother even had me embroidering on the back of one of his shirts. Keep in mind this was in the 70's.

Not to get a really long post I am going to cont this theme on my next blog.

Have  you done any of these types of things?



Sally said…
No ma'am Ms Pam, I haven't and there's a very good reason. I have no creative bone in my body whereas you have them all over! I've often said that you amaze me, and even far into this blogging journey you still do. :)

That being said, I'm back home and anxious to catch up on you. It may take a while, but I'll be consistent. That is, as long as my scattered brain will let me. I'm hoping you're doing well these days, sweet Pam.

Look at all that creativity! WOW! I have always said that I am jack of all trades but a master of none! LOL! Wanted to tell you that I saw your reply to my latest post but it was actually sent to a post that I done in 2015 or so. LOL! Don't know what happened. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Christine said…
Beautiful painting you are so talented Pam. I also don't like colouring inside the lines although I am generally orderly.
Darla M Sands said…
I never had your craft talent. And I stayed in the lines, though I added more colors within them. :) Latch hook kits and models were something I did, and a paint by number, but the projects didn't keep my interest long. Be well!
Brian said…
We're with Sally, us of no talent sure admire those who do, like you!
Sandee said…
I wish I was talented to do these kind of things.

I love those jeans.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. ♥
You are very creative and that's a lovely painting.

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
It's amazing what crafty people can do. Have you seen the show Make It? The stuff they came up with. . .
Ann said…
You are multi talented and I love all the things you have made.
Jeanie said…
I've done all those things except the beading in my past. I so remember those potholders. I wish I still had my loom to be able to show the boys how to do that -- well, maybe they are too young still. Those potholders worked pretty well! I adore your iris -- it's really beautiful and catches the fluffy elegance of that bloom. thanks for the shout-out!
Rhodesia said…
Love that first painting it is fab. I also went into beading and have masses of 'stuff' here still but no time to do it!
Keep well, Diane

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