Old Days, Fudge, All my Maters in a Row, Walk in the Woods

 Ran across this on FB....

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Yes, I used one for about 15 yrs in printing, everyday. Took a chunk out of my thumb on it once. Oh the old days.

So Friday I tried something new. I tried my hand a five min microwave fudge. Oops, I just did not have enough chips to follow the directions so par to my course and normal for me I just added the ingredients and guessed at the amount. Fudge is Butterscotch and pretty tasty. Should have been a tad firmer but I figure at my guessing I added to much evaporated milk. Still yummy. 

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Friday I also made Parmesan crusted chicken. Pretty tasty. I also decided that I will be making a new chicken dish every week. They have to be simple, not a lot of ingredients cause I hate getting into lots of ingredients that I only use once. I like my cooking simple. But I am tired of the same ole, same ole. 

Friday night eating dinner at the bar I looked over at this site, all my maters in a row. HAHA...course with my camera in hand I felt if made a cool pic.

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So months ago I decided on what I was going to paint for my Christmas card. Yesterday I decided to draw it off. Here in a bit I am going to play in the den/craft room, try and organize it so that I can feel good about getting down there and painting. Last few yrs my card has been nice and cute but this time it will be silly and cute. I think we all need that these days. 

If anyone would like to send me their address for a Christmas card this yr please email me at pjack214@bellsouth.net. 

I want to help bring some good tidings and smiles. 

Now...if you are stressed, need an OUT.....go for a walk, in the woods. Enjoy.



Brian said…
HA, we still have one of those paper cutters here. Love those row maters!
Sandee said…
Used one of those many times. I was lucky not to cut myself though. We have one by the way. Used it for yacht club dinner tickets. Works great.

Love the quote. Do this often.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all the babes. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
I went walking in the woods yesterday! I'll have to share pictures soon. And yes, I know those paper cutters. Taking a chunk of flesh must have hurt something awful. I never suffered such, I'm happy to say. Now I would kind of like to own one because my father sent loads of 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of paper (both lined notebook pages and colored construction paper) from my mother's stash of stuff. I find myself wanting to cut them into quarters for a more useful size. Maybe I'll look online. :) Be well!
Ann Thompson said…
I have one of those paper cutters but it's a newer version. The fudge looks good.
I made chicken the other day I just put chicken Brest in a pan and spread on a mixture of mayo, parmesan cheese and garlic powder then baked. It was easy and tasty. I'll send you an email because I would love one of your Christmas cards
CHERI said…
I haven't made or eaten fudge in a very long time. I need to make some this Christmas...maybe. I'm sure your Christmas card will be wonderful:) I sure hope Christmas will be a good end to this year cause 2020 has not been kind to most of us. I went to my 5th funeral in a little over 4 weeks today...4 of the 5 were young people. I just pray 2021 will be much better but I have my fears!!!
Liz A. said…
I remember those behemoths back in the day. I saw my teachers wielding those. They've streamlined them a bit nowadays. I bought one for myself (for my Etsy shop). It's all plastic. Not as heavy. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.
Jeanie said…
Your fudge looks to die for. I much prefer it to chocolate. I still use my big papercutter. Regularly.

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