600 Species - Sedum

 Thursday morning here on the deck....lol....yep, I just posted Thursday's blog but I am getting ahead of myself for Friday. 

Many, many years ago I worked with a woman in Printing. When I say many years ago I have to tell you it seems like forever ago! I was 18 when Debbie and I started working together. CRAP, that WAS FOREVER AGO (by the way when I all caps I am not yelling at you I just making it known that is important!)......

Anyway, not to regress but Debbie furnished me with lots of plants for my yard when I owned my first house in Hermitage. My ex hubs and Debbie and her hubs would hang together and have dinners together. So that many years ago (and I have been divorced for 28 yrs......just added info for you), Debbie gave me some Sedum from her yard. I planted it on Bonnaside and when I sold and moved to Catskill (street I lived on) I pulled some up and took it with me. When I moved from there to here, I dug some up and brought it with me. So basically the original plant that I started with was planted by me over 30 yrs ago. 

Debbie told me then to watch my plant, when it bloomed it always seemed to work out that we would have our first cool snap two weeks later. True to that comment, it has always been such. I have two Sedums now and both are in bloom. In about two weeks if it still holds true here, it will turn off cool. I will do my best to keep you posted. 

I have a problem though. My Sedum I started with would bloom a pinky purple color. I love PURPLE, and you all know that. But about 7 yrs ago I was driving from visiting the boys and I spotted a Rusty Reddish Brown color Sedum in someones yard. NO...I did not stop and steal any! But I went straight to Lowe's (hardware store) and found some! My pinky color was in the front yard and my reddish color in the back. When I moved....I brought some straight over and planted it in the flowerbed the other went in a pot. 

This is in the pot.

The one below is in the flower bed which does not get as much sun as the potted one. 
But I am so confused...I don't know which is which. The one in the top pic looks like it is the pinky purple and probably is not I thought I put that color in the bed and not the pot! Have to wait a few more days for these to finish up and see what I truly have. 

The pic below I borrowed from the internet. 
the name for this one is
Autumn Joy, although it says it is a pink flower....that don't look all that pink to me.
But when I compare to the next pic that I borrowed from the internet I guess it is more pink then this one.
This is called Autumn Fire Sedum. 

Just for fun and interest I wanted to see if there were anymore colors of sedum. I found this one below (internet) 
It is Neon Pink Stonecrop

Now I getting more and more confused! haha...
which by the way does not take much.
I did find that not all sedum plants look like these with the same type of  blooms and leaves. 

Here is one called  Purple Emperor.
Notice these leaves are purple. 
According to the all knowing internet there are
Sedum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family
 Crassulaceae, members of which are commonly known as 
stonecrops. The genus has been described as containing up to 600 species.

Okay with 600 species I am giving up! I will never have all that in the yard and I will enjoy what I do have. Hope you enjoyed my wealth (and the internets) of knowledge. 



Christine said…
Gorgeous Autumn joy! I have one plant for many years, it doesn't seem to spread like other plants hmm.
Sandee said…
Everything you wanted to know about sedum, but were afraid to ask. A great history lesson. Beautiful.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the babes. ♥
Christine said…
Pam check out this link it seems easy to propagate these sedum!
Brian said…
Plants and kitties will keep you guessing!
Jeanie said…
I love sedum. I only have one -- I should buy another next spring. The photos are lovely.
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, I want a Purple Emperor. My autumn joy and lower growing dragons' blood sedum seem to have cross bred as a volunteer is growing among the latter and is a bit unique. I'll have to share pics. And I don't think you're overly easy to confuse. ~nods~ Be well!
Ann said…
I've never had any of that in my yard even when I did have flower beds. It's pretty though. I like both colors.
Liz A. said…
Those are great colors.
Rhodesia said…
I have only got pink, it is the only colour I have ever seen!! Take care Diane

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