Reality Shows, Rain, Painting Class and Pumpkins

 I was sitting here listening to the news when a commercial came on about a show that is coming on for the second season, Love Island! Seriously, what is this world coming too. HAHA...okay, that is a silly question since I am sure we all have been asking that since March. 

Do you watch those type of shows? Me, NO...I do not watch Survivor, Big Brother, Love Island, Bachelor, Dr. Pimple Popper, My 600 lb Life, NONE of those. However I did stumble on one that comes on Wed. nights called Touch as Nails. I watch that one and I really like it. 

Yesterday, late afternoon it came a down pour. Brother ran over and cut the grass and just as he finished it started. 

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It rained hard all night. It is just now letting up at nine am. We have more coming in off and on all day, some thunder storms. Chey freaks with the thunder and chances are I will not be here when they come in. Tried wrapping a Benadryl in cheese for her last night and she managed to find it. She did her share of shaking. 

I have a class tonight. I know I shared these with you when they were painted. These are the ones we will be doing tonight.

Amber painted the reindeer. I recently went behind her and outlined the deer and the Christmas balls. I took this pic before doing that.

No photo description available.

DJ started this one and Nana had to finish it for him.

No photo description available.

I painted this one.

No photo description available.

And this one. 

No photo description available.

I am going to have to start painting on poster board, I have paintings stacking up! Although Amber said she would like the pumpkins once class is done. I will give that to her. She gets the reindeer since she painted it and I gave Jesus in the manger. And if they want the Nightmare Before Christmas painting they can have that also. 

I have dropped the size of my classes. I used to say no more then 15, 12 is best but now due to the virus I keep it at six and keep my distance. I never charger the hostess having the party. 

Talking about pumpkins.....I showed you the ones I made recently. Here is one I did not show you before. It is more taller, skinnier then the fat round ones I was making. 

If you purchase single twin sheets at Wally World they are wrapped in a bag, made of the same thing the sheets are in and same color. I had no clue what I could do with those...until I decided that they would work for pumpkins!

I have a problem tossing things out like that...haha.

Gotta move it, and when I say it, I mean my rear....things to do.



Love the paintings! Oh if you lived closer I would hire you to do a painting party for me and a few friends. About 5 years ago a group of ladies got together and had a painting party and I remember it being so much fun. We laughed. painted and ate! And we ATE and did I say we ate? LOL! Loving the pumpkin especially. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sandee said…
Can you send some rain our way? With all these wildfires we need lots of rain, but without thunder and lightening.

You are so crafty.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to all the babes. ♥
Brian said…
Those paintings are pretty cool! Reality TV, no, no, no, change the channel quick!
Rhodesia said…
Great paintings. Sorry I am not visiting so often but our WiFi is slower than slow at present and to visit your blogs it is taking me anything between 15 and 30 mins to download each blog, It is pathetic and very frustrating.
Keep safe Diane
Christine said…
I do watch Bachelor love to google what they all are up to these days.
Nice art.
Betsy said…
How I love your paintings. This is so neat to get together, have fun and paint.
I see you must be high on a hill looking over the neighborhood. I would love to be up higher in this neighborhood and not be near the bottom.
I just finished watching re runs of Corner Gas, it is so funny. Now off on a series that's called Broadchurch. A murder mystery. Set mostly in Dorset England .
I have been a fan of Big Brother for 20 years. I have in the past few years watched the Bachelor and Bachelorette because Adam and Gabby watch it and it's fun talking to them about it. I will not be watching Love Island. Have you tried the children's Benadryl from Target. They are crushabe so you could mix it in food or chewable whole. I love your paintings.
Ann said…
I can't stand reality shows and never watch them.
Love all the paintings. If I lived closer I would have a paint party and you could teach it.
BeachGypsy said…
Hi there Pam, I liked seeing the fun paintings! Girlfriend---you are SO CREATIVE. Love seeing all your neat stuff. We're getting the downpours today for sure. I hear it's real dry out in the midwest and they would love our rain, ha ha! I don't watch reality shows because to me they are not reality in any way shape or form....I've heard they are so scripted behind the scenes. Way back in 2000 or so I was recovering from a major surgery and I watched "the Bachelor" that season. My Mom got me to watching Dancing with the STars........oh how SHE LOVED THAT SHOW!! I enjoyed a few seasons, then gave it up when it just starting getting to where I couldn't not only relate---but not even RECOGNIZE half of the contestants. I had no idea who they even were, LOL!! But my Mom sure did love her "Dancing". I could probably never watch it again because it reminds me of her so much. So---(if you're up to it, and if not I surely understand)---what tv shows did your Mom love? Not trying to make you unhappy, and if your'e not ready to talk about it.....that's ok too. Hugs!!
BeachGypsy said…
PS--I never knew what to do with those sheets bags either!! LOL
Liz A. said…
Nothing wrong with repurposing things rather than having them end up in a landfill.
Jeanie said…
Nope, not a reality show girl -- except for the Great British Baking Show!

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