The New Camera and the Beautiful Model

Today is Thursday but I think
I have two other post before
this one so you guys will
not see this till this weekend..

Yesterday it came!

No photo description available.

I am so excited.

Image may contain: camera

Now to learn this one.

Playing with it and 
look at my beautiful

Image may contain: cat, plant and indoor

Then out to the yard.
My Shrimp bush.

Image may contain: flower, plant, outdoor and nature

I laid down in the 
grass for this one.
Oh my....getting
up was not easy.

Image may contain: plant, grass, flower, outdoor and nature

In my flowerbed. 

Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor

And back to the most
beautiful model.
HAHA...not sure what
was taking place here..

Image may contain: people sitting and cat

But I was taking a lot
of pics of her cleaning herself.
Check out that tongue!

Image may contain: cat

So far I am loving 
the camera. 
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Those are really terrific photos and I love that meowing Lily!
Christine said…
That meme is totally you, beautiful photos with the new camera!
Ann said…
Awesome photos. Have fun playing with the new toy
Liz A. said…
New toys are always fun. Pictures look good so far.
Red Rose Alley said…
These are wonderful photos, Pam. So glad you are getting to know your new camera. Oh, the pictures you are going to take! I love my camera and call it my best friend haha. Enjoy!

Jeanie said…
Your model is beautiful and so is your model. Take that terrific tongue one, crop it and you have a popular greeting card, should you decide to market it!
Very nice. Enjoy!
Rhodesia said…
Excellent and great photos. I am also happy with mine. Cheers Diane

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