Go Away, The Eyes and The Makeup

A few post back I posted
my porch sign that I made.

Image may contain: outdoor

And yesterday I saw this on
FB!! haha

Image may contain: indoor

Now I think I need to make
some of these cause I bet they
would sale!


Image may contain: Pam Montgomery Jackson, closeup

Can't wait till I can
get these eye lids fixed,
July 10th. I had my head
tilted up so they really
don't look as bad as they
are in this pic. Course makeup
helps too...
With that being said, here is a pic
of me looking straight on
and no makeup.

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

My left is the worse but in
the pic since I turned the camera
that would be the right to you.

Gosh...now looking at both
pics I think I will stop leaving
the house without makeup!

Yesterday was the day to
work on the look....
well the hair.

Image may contain: Pam Montgomery Jackson

Had low lights added.
Did not realize it had been
eight months since I did this last.
Image may contain: Pam Montgomery Jackson, sitting and indoor

Now I feel a little younger looking!



Sandee said…
I had my eyes done many years ago. It was wonderful. Okay I had the whole facelift and it wiped ten years off my face. It was wonderful.

Isn't it wonderful to get your hair done again. I loved it too. Tomorrow it's nails and toes. Happy dance here.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. ♥
Jeanie said…
Someday I'll have to deal with my hair in a more effective way. I adore that sign. You could sell lots of those!
Ann Thompson said…
I like the signs. Your hair looks great. I haven't colored my hair or put on makeup in years
Brian said…
It looks like you're having fun, that's always good!
Liz A. said…
What's wrong with your eyes? They look fine to me.
Christine said…
Good luck with the surgery.
BeachGypsy said…
Girlfriend what are you getting done to your eyes?! Hope all goes well, keep us posted ok? so glad you got to get your hair done. I colored but still no haircut MERCY it's getting real long and it's a plum mess. I love your porch sign, it's adorable!! Hope your week has started off good, it's hot and humid here!! AND STORMY.....nice thunderstorm right now. The flowers are loving it!

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