Organizing and Keepsakes

written May 24, 2002
to post later

Do you know how hard
it is to organize rooms 
from a recent move when
you keep getting side tracked
by keepsakes?

I spend more time stopping
and looking at things. 

The order day I was in the 
den/craft room trying to 
go through boxes and 
decide what room they
need to go in. Then I ran 
across this stuff.

A plastic container of

I made the stitchery 
pic for Amber's new 
born pic to fit in.

And that is Cory's first born

This is the outfit Amber came
home from the hospital in.
I worked with a lady in 
printing from the time I 
was 18 till she past, I was
probably 24 then. She asked
what I wanted for my babe and 
I told her something to bring her
home from the hosp in. She said,
"HER". Yes, I was convinced that
I was having a girl. So she bought
this outfit.

No photo description available.

Amber was born in Dec. so when
my ex sis in law gave me the 
sweater, booties and hat that
her aunt made I also put this
on her to come home in.

No photo description available.

Also made this for Cory's
room when he was born.

No photo description available.

Below is the outfit
he came home from the 
hosp in.

No photo description available.

Then more memories popped up...

My mom cross stitched this
baby blanket for Amber.

Image may contain: indoor

Mom also made this blanket for 

No photo description available.

As I dug down in boxes 
more and more and located
this ....
A notebook about
Aunt Pam!

My nephew Sean had to write
a paper on someone he thought
needed to be on the next stamp.
He picked me.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

At the front of the notebook 
was a pic of a painting I did
of Caleb.

This is what he wrote.
No photo description available.

And his rough draft. 

No photo description available.

Again....another memory.
Written by one of my
best friends Debbie Martin.

Image may contain: text

I framed it years ago and hung
it in my office. Pretty sure it will hang
there again. 

Debbie and I have been friends
since Amber was a yr old....
and not trying to tell Debbie's age....
haha...kidding, Amber is now 39.
We lived in a duplex next to Debbie. 
Through moves by both of us we
remained very close through the 
years. Debbie moved about two 
hours away almost a yr ago and I
miss her. I think I need to make a 
day trip once this virus crap calms 
down more. 

The Best Things About Memories Is Making Them Stencil - DIY Art in a Box


Brian said…
It's fun to enjoy those special keepsake memories any old time!
Sandee said…
Baby things are so precious. Just adorable.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! What a trip down memory lane. Thank you for sharing some truly beautiful memorabilia. Be well!
Christine said…
Tough to get rid of keepsakes, can't really.
Ann said…
It's fun to take a trip down memory lane especially if they involve your kids.
Liz A. said…
The great thing about being moved in (sort of) is that you don't really have to "get it done". Take your time. Enjoy the keepsakes. Soon enough it'll all be sorted. No need to rush to get there.
I do understand to some degree. After living in one of our homes for 17 years and moving into a new home it was the worse Christmas for decorating the house. Nothing seemed right anymore but then it fell into place. Such beautiful memories/items you have. Priceless! Love the Mickey blanket and that notebook is a real treasure.

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