Mailbox, Wildflowers, Pizza and Skies over the Lake

Yesterday while the repairman was
working on the dryer....the one
casualty of the move, the boys
and I walked up the street.

I collect pics of mailboxes

and the way folks show their
personalities. This one, somehow
that I never noticed at the top of
my street.

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Took this is James and Julies
yard Wed when the boys and 
I went there for pics.

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FINALLY....after years
of buying frozen pizza or
buying cooked ones here and 
there I found one I LOVE.

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Course I don't just pop it in 
the oven, I add to it.

Green olives, banana peppers,
pepper jack cheese, salt and 
pepper flakes, onion and garlic.

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It was amazing!

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Leaving my brothers home on 
Wed. evening I saw this site.
It had been rainy off and on all

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thank you for always
leaving such sweet comments...



Christine said…
I never thought to put my own toppings on frozen pizza yours looks delicious thanks for this idea.
Brian said…
That jazzed up pizza looks yummy and we love that lake view!
Darla M Sands said…
You are so awesome. :) Be well!
Liz A. said…
Great way to doctor your pizza. It's always great to find something that's easy that you love.
Ann said…
I love the Digiorno stuffed crust pizzas, they're my favorite.
Love that last picture. It looks so peaceful
Yum! Pizza looks delicious. I have a collection of mail box photos from a Florida trip.

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