Hair and Work

written May 24, 2020
post later

I was reading blogs on Sunday
morning and Sandra at 
was talking about a brush that
is supposed to be for 
short hair and to 
help with hair falling 
out....well that gave me 
a thought for a post!!
Of course it did.....

What I took from her post
were a couple of things
but main, how do you believe
in ads, sales clerks....etc.

Well, you just have to try
things out unless you have 
someone that has tried it
and thinks it works great.

A few yrs ago my niece that
sells Young Living oil said
Rosemary in your shampoo
helps to waken up the hair follicles.
It seemed to work but lately it
don't seem to be doing the trick.

I know that things like meds and 
stress can alter what is working
to not I asked
my hair dresser Ms. Kelley!
She told me amino acid.

I read up on them and did find
that they can alter you BP. But
I decided since mine is barely
over the border as reading high I
decided to go with it. Off to GMC
I talked to the folks there and
this was what recommended.
No photo description available.

Another cost added to my monthly
budget that is basically stretched to 
the max now esp while not working
much. But I had to do something.
I WILL BE BALD before long
if I don't do something. 
Will keep you posted. Just
started on this last week. 

The Governor was saying that 
state offices would be opening 
at the end of this month....but
that changed and is still up in 
the air.....HOWEVER Pam will
be working from the office
once a week, gotta get things
running smoothly for when
we do open back up. 




Brian said…
It's difficult to find things that really help the furs stay in the head.
Christine said…
Let me know how that product works out, my hair is thinning as I age.
Never thought about babies dreaming.
Ann said…
My hair has gotten really thin compared to what it was when I was younger. I should trail some of those vitamins.
Liz A. said…
I hope you find something that works. If I had anything to add, I would. (Alas, this is not my problem, so I have no idea what works and what doesn't.)
Jeanie said…
I still have boatloads of hair but plenty of gray with it! Ah well, that's life in Covid times!

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