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Today, well not today if
you are reading this today but
today the day I wrote this...
haha...did you follow all that!
Sally over at 
comment on my love for memorable things.
She said she loved that I loved
those things. Oh Sally, that also
could be an issue. It means I 
hold onto things that are handed
down to me but then the memories
I tend to make with things, I 
also hold onto them!! LOTS of

My Photo
says that she knows I must
be happy with my daughter 
taking up some crafting.
YES....but I know her, it 
will not last. She has never 
been crafty or creative but
maybe, just maybe that is
on the way to changing.

My friend Sheri 
My Photo
said that Hummingbirds have
a special meaning to her.
I just love them. Have always
loved them. I have spotted one
twice in the past week or so.
I love watching how they flirt
from here to there. Yes...I know
your love of cups and saucers.
Also she mentioned that I love
fun and carefree in my younger
pics.....I always have been. Not
that life is carefree but I always
have tried to make it so and when
not, I carry my smile so no one
knows it is not that way for me.

Sheri and others have mentioned
that maybe their states are slower
at closing then we are. TRUE....but
we also closed up sooner then some
states. I know Calif closed after us. 
We are also taking it in phase to 
open back up. Going into phase 
two next week. Was able to 
go out to eat but the problem with 
that is some restaurants are remaining
closed cause opening at only 50%
of guest and trying to keep them 
6 feet apart would be harder on them.
I have heard that opening at
50% would not be enough to pay
the staff, pay the power, and all
the other stuff that goes into running
a restaurant. 

home loves that I am creative and 
really liked the spider cake. I am not
the best at cakes but I do enjoy making
my own version of something like that...
not bakery quality but it don't cost
folks what it would getting it from 
a bakery....and I only do it for family

Thanks to Darla My Photoat
for always leaving such sweet comments 
and sending virtual hugs. 
And No...I am pretty sure
the cat is not 

See the source image

My Photoat 
mention a couple
weeks ago about me not being
able to locate my cord for loading 
pics on the computer....yes Liz
I do have a card reader but was
also unable to locate that!! I found
it yesterday!! haha
My house is still partly in boxes
and my body is
there's that....YIKES....

Hoping you enjoyed the 
comments and replies 
segment of my blog!!!

Life Through My Eyes at                                                      the Whimsical Way


Christine said…
Great comments from special friends! I still remember those hummingbird facts.
Ann Thompson said…
I like these posts. I don't always get to read the other comments
Liz A. said…
Well, yes, of course half your house would be in boxes...

As for your daughter taking up crafting, it could happen. I barely knit ever until I decided to make Christmas presents one year. That was over 20 years ago...
Brian said…
Those were fun and I do like that orange mask!
Jeanie said…
I hope things continue to go well in TN as you open up. We are opening slowly and already too many yahoos are out there without masks and crowding distance. They're asking for lockdown again but don't seem to realize it. Loved your answers!
Rhodesia said…
I have the same problem with memories, I hang on to everything. I think though I have a good excuse as all my direct family, Mum, Dad, and my brother are all watching over me from way up high, I need those memories down on earth as well. Take care Diane
Nice post, thanks for mentioning me. I agree, hard for the restaurants to open and not make a profit. Love the mask!

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