Side by Side, Bushes, Stuffed Monkey, Greenhouse

Trying to keep up with answering

Ann over at 
made a comment about the flag
on the fence at TN Tiny Weddings~
yep,  I love them two. One on
each side as you enter the 
parking area. 
Also~we are NOT on a complete
shut down in TN. Our 
Governor has made his
3rd appeal that non essential
business close. However, I
am going to start being 
essential and not be doing
anymore weddings for a 
bit. I have seasonal asthma
and with spring being a 
SEASON, I have been 
feeling it in my tubes for
weeks. So with the pollen
peaking yesterday I felt I 
needed to make this choice.

On FB to help break up 
all the virus talk and help
folks sitting at home
there is this thing asking
you to post a pic as a child
and now.

Image may contain: 1 person, child and closeupImage may contain: Pam Montgomery Jackson, closeup

So here is my pics.
Childhood pic was taken
about 6 yrs old. The other
(haha) 60 yrs old. 

Was out in the yard yesterday
and snapped this pic.

Image may contain: plant, tree, house, flower and outdoor

That is ivy growing under the 
bushes. If it was not pouring 
rain I would go out and 
clip those bushes back. 

I posted the pic of 
the BIG stuff animals
out around the table and why
people are doing this.
I decided to play along, and
since I am in my car going
back and forth to the other

No photo description available.

house I decided
that the back of the 
car would be a great
place to put a stuff

No photo description available.

This is a small 
stuffed monkey I picked
up when I was going to
do pics of Everleigh. 
I was going to give it to
her but decided against
it since Dakota (missing
him) decided it was his
toy, and he chewed a hole
in the ear!!

Theresa tagged me on FB
with this pic.
Totally LOVE it.
made living space.

Image may contain: plant, table and indoor

Only issues I see with this~
ME keeping those plants
Keeping this place cool
in the summer and 
heated in the winter.
Love the brick floor.
Love the lighting!
And I want one of
those stools in front
of the gray couch!

I did go by the store
yesterday, bandana over
nose and mouth. Gloves.
Went in and got chicken,
which Chey has not had in 
weeks since the stores 
were having a rough time
keeping it in stock.
Also was going to get
yeast and flour. What did
I even forget to look 
for....yeast and flour!
However I did get paint
for the handyman to 
start painting with. 

Update info~
listening to the 
Mayor of Nashville
talking right now
on TV,
he hit upon what
Nashville has been 
through this month
one being the tornado:
in just my county 
alone, 2249
buildings were hit.
Over 5000 trucks 
of debris moved
out of this area.

Stay safe.


Sue said…
Great read today, Pam, that green hose is awesome, would love to be there when it was raining,
Cute idea of sharing the stuff animal.
Be safe.
Christine said…
Good idea to stay home more Pam.
Jeanie said…
The ivy looks pretty and is that a forsythia I spy? One of my favorites. Love the childhood and adult photos! Yeast and flour seem to be in short supply these days. Hope you get some on your next trip!
Liz A. said…
Tornadoes, earthquakes, virus... Not a great spring.

Glad you're staying safe. I have not seen the stuffed animal thing around these parts. I can see why people are doing it, though.
Brian said…
That greenhouse area is amazing, we'd like that one too!
Ann said…
This is a terrible time for allergies. Mine seem to get worse every year.
I am in love with that greenhouse. If I went in there I would never want to come back out.
I love your little monkey, Pam, and he looks like he's enjoying himself. Is he going into lockdown as well?

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