Covid 19, Taco Tuesday, Bulletin Boards and Office

Aw Darla, I hope those chills
I gave you were good chills!!

Liz, Amber and I
have always been at
each others throat!!
She is a rebel, we
had conflicts.

Covid 19 pics.

Gas is down.

No photo description available.

Apparently people think
rice is the best to buy
in a time like this.

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Went to work today...
first time in almost
two months. This was
morning rush hour.

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Today is TUESDAY...
and I am making it
at my home tonight
for dinner.

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Oh...and they were so good.

The other night I
did a live section
on FB for fluid 

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It was fun but
instead of doing 
the live thing again,
I decided since I 
would do video's 
and post them on my
FB  page so if someone
wants to do them later
they can. 

With that,  I have done
a video on how to make
small bulletin boards.

I wanted to hang a board
above my desk in the office
but I wanted to decorate it.
So I picked up for pieces of
cork at Wally World for almost
7 bucks.They were 10x10. 
However they were flimsy so
I put two together and backed
the edges with wood to 
make them stronger. I found
this material in a box of
clothes going to Goodwill....
it was a skirt my niece 
had outgrown.

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I then wrapped my boards
with that and wrapped
jute around the 
material and boards.

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I actually have mini
clothe pins to use on 
here but ....I have
not located them yet. 
They are in a box still
at the other house. wall above
my desk.

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Got this cute camera 
a few years ago at
a dollar store. 

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This is a post card
my friend Theresa got
me in Iceland a couple
of yrs ago. Camera and
a cat....purr fect.

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This also hangs in my office.

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The metal piece was made
by a young woman that is 
married to a friend of mines
son. Sweetest girl. Made it
and mailed it to me even
though she lives just up
the road a bit.

Did you know....

I am so very INTELLIGENT!



Ann said…
You and Amber sound like me and my daughter. We were always fighting and she would always take the opposite side of whatever I said.
I like those cork boards. The material from the skirt made a perfect cover for the cork.
Jeanie said…
I like your office so much, Pam. The photos are wonderful and I really do like the corkboard bulletin boards. Well done and what a good idea.
Sandee said…
You are so very intelligent. I've known that for a long time.

Hubby went to Costco yesterday and got a 50 pound bag of rice. First time we've seen rice in a long time. If there really is a meat shortage coming then rice and beans will be our meals for a bit.

Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥
wisps of words said…
What is it like a work?

Is your temp taken, to get in?

Social distancing maintained?


Or is it simply, everything back to normal, and hope for the best?

Find Beauty
In This Time
Of Pain...
Christine said…
I am intelligent too then! I have bought pretty boards like the one you made.
I like those material art boards, very cool! Hey, tacos work about any old day!
Darla M Sands said…
You definitely gave me good chills. ~hugs~ And I adore those photos of Dakota. :) Be well, my dear.
Liz A. said…
Lots of fun decor in your office.
Betsy said…
Taco Tuesday, something I must start doing as my grand girls love tacos. More life is on the roads here and Ace Hardware is staying pretty busy. I know this because my husband is in that store quite a bit. Good to see more life around here and we watch the girls for mom and dad so we have always been on the go somewhere. I was reading your intro that you are a Tn. state retiree. My husband is retiree in stat of Va. Never would know it because he is back at it there. He enjoys the work actually.
There is plenty of rice in the stores and not much on toilet paper. I have seen signs in a few stores that say "NO RETURNS" I guess some hogs decided they didn't need all they were stocking up on. I am glad they can't return it.
Plenty of veggies. The meat is always in the stores too. Well the ones I go too. It's the toilet paper thing that gets me.
Love the cork boards you covered, neat idea.

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