TN Tiny Critter, Yard, Print of Painting and Planting

Saturday evening while assisting 
at a Wedding I looked down
and saw this little critter..
TN Tiny Critter at TN
Tiny Weddings.

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I had this made a year or
so ago and just remembered
it a couple of months ago.
Decided to post in front
of the wooden fence.

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The Hosta coming up is from some
I gave mom years ago.

The yellow bush came
from a clipping from
a bush my granddaddy 
started in Georgia.

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There are several in the yard.
So the one I had in my 
other yard I dug up and 
gave it to Julie. 

Chey looking off the 
deck in the backyard.

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I have been hanging things 
before unpacking more. 
I hung this on the wall
between the front door 
and the picture window. 
It is a print of a painting
I did years ago.

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Image may contain: indoor

Sitting on the couch
the other day and was looking
out into the dinning room
at the back door. Never realized
how much love it needed. I should
have painted it a long time 
ago for mom.

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Notice the paint can next
to the door???/
Yep, it got painted and it
just so happens that the color
I had to door at my other house
is the same color as the shutters
here....YAY, that works!

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Beautiful day after storms
last night. Was a witness at
an early morn wedding. Had
lunch and now heading out to
plant some buttercup bulbs
Julie gave me. 

Hoping you have a great day.
Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.  plant quotes // quotes about supporting others



Rain said…
The print from your painting is gorgeous Pam! And I love the colour of the door. Chey is so cute and curious!
Liz A. said…
You're quick with the painting. I would sit and stare at something that needs painting for weeks before doing it.
Everything sure is looking nice and looks like home!
Christine said…
I like the little garden.
Ann said…
I like that flag you have by the wood fence.
That print reminds me of a picture I took of a church door. It had that same shape.
The door looks great. I bet mine could use a coat of paint too.
Sally said…
You've been busy. It's so nice to have plants that we've gotten from someone else. They seem to stand out from the rest, or perhaps that's just my way of thinking.

The door looks great, Pam. And, your painting is beautiful. I'm beginning to wonder if there is anything you can't do. So much talent!

Stay well if you can.

Darla M Sands said…
I agree with every prior comment. ~hugs~ Take care!
Jeanie said…
I need to give my door some love, too. I just can't decide what color it should be! Yours looks great.

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