Everleigh, Gas Pumps, Socks, Wall, And Death

Check out Little Ms. Everleigh~
She is now sitting up.
8 months old. 

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Today it was 79 degrees.
We went from heat yesterday
to air today. 
Everleigh's mom had her
out in the yard to enjoy
the sunshine. 

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Love those eyes!

Took this pic from 

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The reason I posted this
is because I also read that
one of the nastiest place and
easiest place to pic up 
the virus, is the gas pump.
pumping your gas.

So, those that know me
know that I am not
fond of socks. But
winter time I have no
choice. So I make them
as fun as I can.

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And yet again, those
of you that know me and 
have been reading my blog 
for a bit knows that I go, and
go, and do and go....till I can't
go anymore. I have been moving
slower lately. But last
night I finally got some 
pics hung. 

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The piece my TV sets on 
has been around forever.
My dad had it made I think,
and there was actually two 
pieces. Somehow I ended
up with this piece years ago.
I used it for years in my craft
room but for the last few yrs
I used in the living room. 
Since I am painting a lot
of my pieces in an off white
tone, I plan on doing this
piece also. But that is another
can wait project. 

I decided today that I 
am going to have to 
hire someone to do most of
the work at the other house. 
60 yrs old and dealing with
chronic pain like I do I realized
that I just can't do it all.
17 Symptoms of Lupus No One Talks About | The Mighty

I have not heard anything
about Jenny's dad today.
Yesterday evening his temp
was 103. Hardest part, no one
can be with him.So sad.

On another note of someone 
not being with the person they 
love, the woman across the street 
from me, past yesterday.

Ms. Doris has been in my life
since I was 6 and we moved to
this house. Her daughter reached
out to me the other day to tell
me her mom had been in the 
hosp for over a week. Pneumonia
and the flu. She went in right at
the time that they stopped people
from entering the hospital. 

They were to bring her home
yesterday, I am not sure if
she made it home or not. 
I talked to her son yesterday
morning and then her daughter
sent me a message yesterday
afternoon. My heart is hurting 
for them through all this.I
know what they are going through. 

Doris was the last original 
person still living on this
street that was here when I 
moved here. Now, 40 yrs after
I left I am back. There is also 
a guy up the street that was born
while his mom and dad lived
there and I was a young teen. 
So, basically it would be me
and Darrin being part of the 
original bunch living here. 

RIP Ms. Doris AKA 
Mama Doris. 



BeachGypsy said…
Sad to hear about Miss Doris. On a happier note, I do love seeing all your bright and cheery SOCKS!! So cute. Your home is coming along so nicely!--looking very welcoming and safe and "like home"! I just know you're going to be very happy there. I like the way you hung up the things on that way by the tv.Hope things are going well for you, I enjoy your pictures--the "real" ones and also the goofy ones, they make me smile! ha ha Oh MERCY, I have to show that gas tank picture to my hubby, LOL!!I made him wear gloves to get gas the other night and now he will say "so THAT IS WHY you made me wear gloves the other night!!" LOL Take care and stay healthy. Oh PS....I love seeing the pictures from the tiny weddings, please keep posting those, thank you
BeachGypsy said…
ps....Everleigh is so so cute!!!
Ann said…
Aww, look at Everlieigh. She is just growing like crazy.
That pic from Facebook is pretty gross. Can't believe someone would stand there doing that
I think if I was moving I would have to hire help too. I can't get basic things done around my house now I can't imagine moving and trying to get two houses taken care of.
Brian said…
Everleigh is such a cutie. We're very sorry to hear about Mama Doris, very sad.
Sue said…
Everleigh is so adorable, the socks make me smile.
What a treasure the table is that your Dad made, your grouping looks lovely.
Sorry for the loss of your friend, sending prayers for her family.

Darla M Sands said…
I am sorry to learn of this family's loss and that your health demands another concession. ~hugs~ That looks like a very happy baby! :) As for health, lucky for me I learned long ago to never touch my face while out and about after falling ill during almost every single vacation. ~shakes head~ The first thing I do once indoors is wash my hands, as well, and after handling a *menu*. Hosts and hostesses often speak to me as if I'm on my way out. Heh... Seriously, most people don't realize that menus are seldom wiped down and how often men don't wash up after using the restroom. I know this last because I could hear sounds from the office men's room while using the women's. ~shudder~ That gave me a whole new perspective, let me tell you. Take care!
Christine said…
RIP Doris.
DMYC said…
I'm so sorry about your precious Doris.

Have a blessed day and weekend. Love the socks. ♥
Jeanie said…
I am so sorry about your loss, Pam. So very hard. And I'm glad you have realized that you can't do it all. You are wise. Hard won wisdom, but good. I love how you've settled your telly area!
Sally said…
I'm sorry about your friend, Doris. It's always sad to lose someone we care so much about whether they are family or friend. My prayers with her family and you.

Please take care of yourself, Pam.

Awww, Everleigh is so cute, lovely photographs.
Love the socks, there are some amazing colours and designs available.
Sorry to read about the loss of your friend.

Take care.

All the best Jan
Pilar said…
Everleigh is adorable. I'm sorry for your loss Pam. Hugs. I hope you have a wonderful upcoming week. Be blessed.
Liz A. said…
Sorry to hear of your neighbor. Yay for warmer weather. And yes, hiring someone might be for the best, especially since you are under a bit of a deadline.

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