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Replies to your comments on
my blog.

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commented on my FB test I took
and posted on my blog.
She laughed that apparently
I can become Cujo when I
am angry! HAHA....if you folks
only knew!!

I loved reading this book!! I actually didnt think it was all that scary but i thought it was sooo sad!!

mentioned that I must
have connections in my getting
my daughters Child Support moving
again. Nope, I do however have
33 plus years with state government
and I know one of the fastest ways to
get things done is to go to the TOP.
Emailing the Commissioner of the
Human Services office that handles
Child Support got things moving. If
you check your state website you
should find a listing for all the
departments and the commissioners
are listed there. The only connection
I had that helped was knowing the
links to state employees email and
checking that link to find out that the
commish did not have her email
set up with just a first and last name,
she put a middle initial in there.
Oh and Darla...KNEE FURY!!

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says after reading my post about the
broken dish and melted spoon that she
would not let me near her kitchen....
that dear Diane is a good idea!!!

No photo description available.

wanted to know did I really break
Corning Ware....yes, not just
the other day but I have been
know to break them in the past.
And here I am thinking of getting
regular stoneware dishes....haha

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made the statement that I tend to have a
lot of accidents in the kitchen. Oh honey if you
only knew!! I wonder if it happens cause I
really don't like to cook.
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she thinks it is neat that I have such
a sense of humor about all that happens
in my kitchen. HAHA...I have to or else
I would have to sit and cry. I look at
life basically like that too...I try to
find humor in all thins in my life.

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Thanks all for leaving comments and 
making me laugh.


all pics EXCEPT
the melted spoon
came from the internet.


Liz A. said…
I will get you that photo description of how to do links this weekend. I would have done it this week, but I've been dragging as soon as I get home.
Ann said…
Totally agree with you on having a sense of humor in all things. It just makes life easier.
Maybe you should try a set of plastic dishes :)
Sandee said…
It was a fun post and I laughed more than once. Thanks for the shout-out. Most appreciated. That movie scared me half to death by the way.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. ♥
Christine said…
Pam it takes a lot to break corning ware just saying, lol. I actually love stoneware, go for it!
Brian said…
You need your own cooking show, it would be a hit!
Darla M Sands said…
Thanks for sharing that great tip on contacting government folks at the top. :) I'm so glad to have given you a laugh. ~hugs~ Brian's remark made me chuckle, for sure.
wisps of words said…
They already have a "Worst Cooks" show.

YOurs could be... "Cook Who Breaks the Most Kitchen Equipment"...
Red Rose Alley said…
You know, Pam, I have Corning Ware and that's all I use every day. I didn't think it's supposed to break, but Yes, they have fallen out of my hands on to the floor and have broken before. My Mom used Corning Ware too, and you can get the whole set at Walmart. Sometimes I go there just to buy the bowls, cause I always run out.

Have a nice weekend, Pam.

Sue said…
And you made me laugh today, Pam, enjoyed your post.
Jeanie said…
What a fun post! I love it!

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