Returning HOME for a Retirement Party

It was like going home today
when I went back to the TBI
for Deborah's retirement party.

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Deborah trained me. There were
three of us in the Medicaid Fraud Unit.
Deborah worked with the East Tn agents,
Cindy worked with the West Tn agents 
and I had Middle Tn. 
Partners in Crime! 

Deborah has BIG hair.
I used to tell her the bigger
the hair the closer to God.
So today the tables were
decorated with....of course

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That's Deborah in the
of course in the corner. No clue
who the dude was watching me!

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Director of the TBI and Deborah.
This is not the same Director I 
worked under.

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That's my bud Phil with the camera.
I met Phil about 16 years ago when he
was a new photographer to Photographic
Services (yes, where I work now). Phil and 
I worked together and Phil is the one that
put a good word in for me to help me move
over to the TBI. 

The guy sitting down is Deborah's son,

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That's Deborah with Mike.
Mike was my boss when I was
moved from Medicaid to the Fusion
center. Then right before I left the 
TBI, Mike moved over to Medicaid
and became Deborah's boss.

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Yes....and here is the 3rd  one in 
the mix of the

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Charlie spoke about his mom and 
how proud he is of her.

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The dude standing and talking
to the lady is Doug. Doug was
once my boss in Medicaid Fraud.
That is his wife he is talking to.

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There has been a major turnover
the last 5 to 6 yrs at the TBI.
Here is the pic below are two 
other guys that at one time were
my boss in Medicaid. The two
guys standing in front of the 
woman were my bosses,  Norman
and Bob. Bob is retired from there
and Norman moved to Blue Cross.
The woman is a retired agent 
out of East Tn. The guy in the 
pink shirt worked in Medicaid 
with us. And the one in the white
shirt sitting is an agent that now
works in the Nashville office but
he is out of East TN. 

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I got so many nice comments and 
HUGS from so many of these great

This was my all time fave agent 
that I worked with. Gene is such
a great person.
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Had the best time visiting with
old friends. I have to say that 
through my 33yrs of state government
work, my five years with Medicaid Fraud
was the best and for sure the most
amazing people to work with.



Brian said…
It's nice to help others celebrate their retirement. The Dad has been back to his workplace several times to help others with their send-off!
Jeanie said…
I love going back to the station for retirement parties. It IS like going home. Looks like a grand time!
Liz A. said…
Looks like a nice time was had by all.
Christine said…
Lovely retirement party!
Ann said…
congratulations to your friend on her retirement
NanaDiana said…
What a wonderful group of people, Pam. You are lucky to have had such good co-workers and it looks like you 'gals' have lots of fun together. That's the way it should be. Work should be pleasant and not so stressful that you hate your job.
Hope you have a wonderful day- xo Diana
Rain said…
Hi Pam :)) So nice that you got out and had fun! I love the hairspray lol...when you said she had big hair, I imagined something from the 60's! :) Cute photos! :)

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