More of Nashville / Jars and Misfire

Last night I did a whole long
blog on headboards. Then I
screwed up, hit a button that
took it all away!
I hate when I do crap like that.
So, forget headboards!!

Lets just move on past that!

How about a cool shot
looking down the street
at the Batman Bldg!
Actually the AT&T bldg.
but the AKA name is Batman.
Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

So much building in Nashville
still today, seems like forever.
But I love how the companies
doing the building always
includes the US flag on the
cranes. I count 3 in this one

 iImage may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

I can't remember what Nashville
paid for this piece of art but 
it sits down at Riverfront Park.

Image may contain: bridge, shoes and outdoor

There are some really nice
apartments built coming right
inside of town, the old General
Hospital once stood here. They
actually left one of the older bldgs
standing that is now used for 
apartments. I wonder how many
ghost roam there!!!

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor

I had never driven up through
the apartments but I did today.
The backside runs along side
of the river. 

Check out this view!

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Image may contain: sky, cloud, ocean, bridge, outdoor and water

Speaking of rivers, I saw this
on FB today.

Mississippi River frozen over in Feb. 1905.
(pic from Flickr via FB)

I don' think I remembered to share with you
the jars I painted for my daughter for
Christmas. Matter of fact I failed to
even take a pic of them. But
basically I took two Ball jars
and painted them with chalk paint.
Roughed them up with sandpaper and
sealed them. I spray painted the lids
black and put cute little drawer pulls
on the tops. I put round cotton pads in
one and Q tips in the other. I will see
if I can get her to take a pic to send
to me.
The ones I did were
basically like this one only
in cream color.
(pic taken from Pinterest)

There are so many ways to use mason jars for home decor. This tutorial shows you how to paint mason jars with acrylic craft paint. Once you're done you'll have adorable colorful mason jars to decorate your home. #paintedmasonjars #masonjars #masonjar #farmhouse

One last item to share before closing
this post.
I talked with my niece about a
month ago about Misfire. She
checked with a rescue group
about taking her but they were full
at the time. Was still waiting when
Chris (owner of farm)  and Renee 
(future wife) said they would 
keep her there and take her if
I wanted to do that. So, I know
longer own Misfire. 
I will go visit her off and on,
and take over feeding when they
are out of town. Its still all good. 
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Ann said…
I live in a small (I'm talking microscopic) town so Nashville would be very overwhelming for me.
That's awesome that Misfire will get to stay where he is.
Brian said…
HA! That "artwork" looks like a roller coaster that someone forgot to finish!
Darla M Sands said…
I love the fact you can visit Misfire and help provide care when needed. ~hugs~ That view is amazing. I bet those apartments are super pricey. And the vintage photo is awesome.

Those apartments remind me of an incident (back in the mid nineties!) when I took a long bike ride all the way to downtown Dayton and came upon a coworker's future husband standing just outside his apartment building. Busy fishing the Great Miami River, he didn't recognize me in biking gear and almost tumbled over the railing when I pulled up and whipped off my helmet. :) Memories...
Jeanie said…
That sounds like a good compromise for Misfire -- people she knows and yet you can still see her at times. Good move.
Rain said…
Hi Pam, I'm sorry you had to give up Misfire. It's nice to know she can still stay where she's comfy and you can visit her! I like the blog header!! :)
Christine said…
Thanks for the tour!
Buttercup said…
Love the pictures of Nashville. I lived near Vanderbilt in the early 70s. I've been back a few times, but hadn't gone back for probably 15 years until a visit in 2018. I didn't recognize very much at all. Entire new neighborhoods, and my old low-rise neighborhood was now all apartment buildings.
Liz A. said…
Batman building is a good nickname for it.

Sad to be leaving Misfire, but it'll be nice you can still see her. I do hate it when a post goes poof. That's why I started my blog on Blogger, actually. Where I hosted it before, I had one too many go poof, and that was that.
Ooooooo I bet those apartments are super haunted!
Thx for these shots. This will help me when I come for a visit.


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