Magazine / Hotel / Meatballs

Been a stressful past week.
I worked Mon- till today.
Usually 4 hours those days but
yesterday I did 6.5 and today 5.5.
HAHA..I know to some that don't
like much and it was really no big
deal and that is not what made the 
week stressful. 

Last Wed. my computer at work went
wonky. When I got it to come back up 
and behave correctly, my billing program
just would not come back to being what it
should be. Then by accident, I hit restore.
Aw HELL....but what did it restore back
to? NOT A CLUE. 

Got the IT folks down there and he was
amazing!! Boy I was stressing big
time thinking I lost everything. Jobs 
numbers and even clients would not 
come up. Thank you Sean!! 
I booked today to get this past
weeks billing in. Billed out 
for Photo Serv. for over 25 K this
month. Also, thanks to our photographers
for a job well done. 

Moving on past that. Life is good
or at least better.

Next issue of Life Between the Lakes
will be coming out soon. 
Yep, I struggled with an article for 
this one but at the last minuted I was
able to get one written. Its about 
Feb., the month of LOVE.

Image may contain: 20 people

Yep, I will share once its out. 

Flipping along in facebook the
other day I stumbled across this....
Its about a haunted hotel!!
I tagged my daughter in it, asking 
when we were going to book our room!

Yeah, Amber is not near as 
adventurous as her mom. Matter
of fact while talking about some
things the other day she laughed
and said, "I am not anything like 
you"!! She is correct. She is not.
Cory on the other hand is just like
his mom!

Anyway, I could not get Amber
to agree to book a room with me!
But if you would like to read about
the hotel, just click on the link 

(will someone tell me how you put 
a link on the blog without having all that
mess like above)???

I am down to going to 
the Chiropractor every other
week now.  I went Tue for my
appt. As I was leaving I noticed
a new eating joint a couple doors
down. Well Theresa and I are always
looking for new places to eat so last
night we went. 

I had the chicken piccata with 
minestrone soup. I was really pleased.
I ate my soup, a slice of bread dipped
in olive oil and a few bites of my chicken.
Tomorrows lunch is the rest of the chicken.

I don't mine paying more for good food....
remember I said >>>>GOOD<<<<<<<!

Recently I stumbled upon some 
blood oranges! I love them.
I slice them up and squeeze them
in my tea. But earlier I was making
hot choc when I got a wild hair...
I put some of that orange in there.

So I have been posting about
healing, and I am actually 
noticing some healing.....I am 
wanting to paint, to saw, to build,
to create, to grab my camera and

The Best Inspirational and Motivational Quotes / Phone Wallpapers
Hoping you have a 
great weekend.



Liz A. said…
Yeah, this week... Everyone's been complaining about January. January has been fine, but then this week has gotten me. Only one more day.

As for posting links, at the top of the input post screen there's a toolbar. As you go across, you start with Compose/HTML, then the undo and redo arrows... Know where I'm talking about? About midway through is a blue "Link" underlined. That's what you use. (It's right next to the picture icon.)

I'm assuming you have a similar set up to mine. If none of this sounds familiar, you don't. Anyway...

Highlight the text in the post you want to make the link. Then click the "Link" at the top. A box will pop up. There's a spot to put the link (just copy and paste is fine). Then click the "OK" button.

Hope this helps.
Christine said…
That hotel does look haunted and huge!
Ann said…
I see Liz already told you how to do a link so I won't go into it again.
That hotel is huge. It sure could hold a lot of
Rhodesia said…
Have a great weekend. Email resent. Diane
Jeanie said…
Glad to hear you are improving and feeling better. This is such a fun and upbeat post. And you are so right about IT people. They are geniuses.

OK -- First, copy the link from the original source (control c) but don't paste. Go back to your post. When you go to write a post at the top of the post where you add pics, next to it is "link." In the body of the post where you want to add the link, highlight it as if to copy. Just highlight. Nothing else. Then click on "link" and in the top box paste the link you have just copied from the original source. Hit OK.

Easy peasy! And now I see someone else just wrote that, but now you have two versions of the same thing!
DeniseinVA said…
Hi Pam, I enjoyed reading your post, though I'm sorry all that computer stuff was stressful. Sean the hero! That's real nice to have someone around computers when things go awry. I see Liz A has already helped with your link question.That old hotel is very foreboding looking. I'd be curious but not sure I want to sleep there, lol! You might get me walking through during daylight as I love old places :) I look forward to your next issue of Life Between the Lakes. Nice restaurant and a great quote to end your post on. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting me :)
Brian said…
I'm glad the techie guy saved the day. That hotel sure looks interesting, we know some human who would stay there!
Darla M Sands said…
I'm thinking along the line of Liz as for posting links. Of course, I use blogger. Hmmm...

That hotel looks awesome! It reminds me of the Mohonk Mountain house reported to have inspired the Overlook Hotel for Stephen King's "The Shining" (not confirmed). Gotta go as hubby wants me to run some errands. Take care!
Sandee said…
How to Create Links in a Blog Blogger also lets you highlight a portion of text and then add a link. You'll find that on your blogger toolbar.

I don't want anything to do with that hotel. I'm scared of stuff like that.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. ♥
Debbie said…
i hope you figured out how to add a link without all of that wording. it's very simple, if you still need help, send me an email at i'll send you a screen shot!!

your header picture is so pretty, did you take that??

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