It Begins ~Packing, Moving, Cleaning....

Saturday my daughter, middle grand and
son in law came to help me at mom's house.
The living room was FULL of boxes. Items
I had packed up for others, things they requested,
things they gave mom, pics of their children etc.
The fam helped me move all that to the 
basement till the others come and get.

Yesterday I went over and dusted 
the floors which are the original
flooring in the house. Over the 
years their was carpet down but
about ten years ago I helped
mom rip that up, she hired the 
floors sanded and redone. I
mopped the whole upstairs.
Moved over two loads of 
boxes I have packed. 

No photo description available.

I am sitting them in the corner of
the living room till furniture is
moved over. Hoping for no rain 
this coming weekend, and I will
rent a U Haul. Amber and the small
baseball team of grandsons we hope
to get the furniture moved. 

Here is my dining room. 

Image may contain: indoor

Mom just had the kitchen, living room, 
dining room and hall painted about 
6 months before we lost her. 

And you can tell the stairs come
up between the dining room and 
living room. Really not a fan of the 
iron rail is original to the 
house so I am going back and 

Mom had the china cabinet
on the other fall with her
table in front of that.
It made going to the 
back door tight so I moved
the cabinet, which I plan to 
keep for now.  That way I 
think my table, same size as
her's will fit nicely in the far
end of the dining room.

Image may contain: indoor

This is a shot of the living room.
HAHA...Yep, I have moved
things to this one area. The 
dresser, night stand and chest 
of drawers I don't need. My
brother Mark is going to move
it to Goodwill.....and I am trying
to let go of looking at these
pieces as projects!!

Image may contain: indoor

The end table has been around forever.
There are two of them and a coffee table.
Mid century style and that is what Mark
loves. He is taking those. I am glad cause
they are pieces mom and dad picked
out in the 50's.

Back of the living room.
Curtains are perfect almost
like what I have in my living
room now. I like also that I 
will be going from one small
window to these!!

Image may contain: table and indoor

Packing here and
its been  28 years since I have moved!
I am TOOOOOOO OLD for this!

So here is the first of
pics to share with you my
blogging friends.  I would
love to take you along on 
this journey with me.

I think I shared with you
my word for the 

one step at 
a time!


Sandee said…
You'll be exhausted, but an exciting exhausted. Moving to new digs is always a lot of work, but so worth it. Can't wait till you're in and settled.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Rhodesia said…
Those wood floors are just amazing, I will never understand how people can carpet over something so beautiful!! You have time so take it easy. Moving in one day is sooooooo difficult and it has always happened to me all my many moves!! Diane
Ann said…
I think I'm tired just from readin about all your Those floors are really pretty. I love wood floors. I look forward to riding along on this move with your
Liz A. said…
I say get rid of the railing. Sure, it's original, but put something in that you like.
Moving is one of the most stressful activities it seems to me. I last moved in 2003 and have no plans to ever do it again! I realize that age may dictate otherwise but I will cross that bridge if and when I come to it,
Brian said…
Hey, the hard part is over, that was the decision, the rest will be easy, you've got this!
Christine said…
Lots of work, but exciting.
Moving is exhausting...exhilarating even....always hard work...and usually worth it....
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! I hope you aren't hurting too much from all this activity. I'll pray for a dry and productive weekend. ~hugs~ On a funny note, when I saw that iron railing I went, "Ooh. Pretty." ;) The flooring is beautiful and those are awesome windows, too. Be well, my dear!
Way to go! We need to move and I can't imagine packing up. I love your word for this year.
CHERI said…
I have to say I don't envy you with moving. It's certainly a huge job. But just take it a step at a time...don't overdo:) It will all get unpacked eventually. Hope you have many happy moments and adventures in your new home. Love those floors!!!!
Pilar said…
Good luck with everything Pam! Healing such an important word!
Jeanie said…
Moving is tough at any age -- the older the harder! But it will be lovely. And what great light! How nice you have someone to help you get that stuff to goodwill! An exciting time for you, to be sure.

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