Growing / Purple Heart / Sweatshirt

Still GROWING.....

                 and GROWING.......
                                   and GROWING!
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When I went to Deborah's retirement party,
my sweet friend Cindy had a gift for me.

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No photo description available.

Isn't that the prettiest stone!
I love it.

For Christmas Theresa and Dawn 
at work gave me this card telling
me that I get to go to our gift shop
for our department and pic out
a sweatshirt that I liked.

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Yesterday before leaving work
the three of us went to the shop
and I picked out this sweatshirt hoodie.

Today I had an apt and since
it was cold out...I wore it.

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I stayed nice and warm today!

Have a great weekend.


Christine said…
I would love to get a beautiful stone like that.
Ann said…
That stone is really pretty and the sweatshirt does look really warm
Brian said…
That heart stone really is gorgeous!
Darla M Sands said…
What thoughtful gifts. :) The city's growth is amazing, too. I hope the less fortunate aren't being pushed aside as in Portland, Oregon, especially since it affected your choice in moving. ~hugs~ A friend of mine, a successful communications employee, was forced to move in with her mother due to rising rent costs. She's near thirty, if not already, so it made me extra sad. Fortunately she remains upbeat and gets on well with her mom. Be well, my dear!
Liz A. said…
Nice sweatshirt.
That IS a pretty heart! May be going to Nashville this weekend to visit some craft coffee shops. I'll post my visit.


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