Breakfast and Around the World Notes

TOMORROW is a great breakfast 
day.....its National EAT  Ice Cream 
for Breakfast Day!!

See the source image

Thank you, thank you, thank you bloggers
for taking part in this little thingy Amber
is doing. You folks are the greatest. Amber
also fond a Facebook page that allows you
to connect with others doing this also.
They will do it for you and all they
ask is you do it for them.

Amber is so excited.

Here is what I have been able
to get for her so far.

Darla Sands.....this is awesome.
Thank you.

No photo description available.

My daughter totally loves France. Her
dream one day it to make it there so 
this one from Diane made her day!
Thank  you so  much Diane.

Image may contain: bird, possible text that says 'Valentine wishes from Charente France 4404 miles away from Lyles Tennessee'

And here is another one from 
a sweet blogger.

Deborah, Amber loved the way you presented
this. Course there are flowers and we are in 
the mist of cool, rainy winter. Thank you.

This originally is set to try
and get all the states. But as I 
told Amber, base it on cities and 
states. So if you get several from
one state use them all.

So here is another one
from Calif. I actually met
Lori from San Diego for the 
first time almost two yrs ago
when I was there visiting 
my son.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and water

I made her cyberly in a internet
group we were once part of...maybe
close to 15 yrs ago.
Thanks Lori.

Same with Peggie. Same group but the 
difference is I have never met Peggie
face to face. Was hoping when I 
retired that I could do that, never
got to it, back to work, all things
changed....maybe one day.

Image may contain: plant

Thanks so much Peggie.

Of course Julie at TN Tiny Weddings
played along too.

Image may contain: text

This one is pretty cool cause
Will and Amber got married
by Julie at TN Tiny Weddings...
the first time!I know I shared that
story before but I will again in
another blog.

And of course Wills silly
mom in law had to play along.

Image may contain: one or more people
This is terrible and might redo it.
Problem was, my color pencils,
colored pens....have been packed
and moved. HAHA...if I get over
to the house today I will 
redo this cause as creative as
I am, this is not getting it!!!

Thank you ever so much folks.

I also wish to thank Jeanie at Marmelade Gypsy 
for liking my blog and telling me that it is 
a fun blog!
That is special cause I think early on 
in life I decided without even knowing 
it that part of my stay on earth is to
bring fun and laughter to others. 
I joke, I mess around, I have
amazing one liners, I work to 
try and make my blog fun and 
exciting. I do the same on my fb
page. Although a lot of that has
been lacking for a while, I am working
the HEAL that now. 

Thank you all also for hanging with
me this past yr., that means a lot.
Hang with me this yr and I hope
to take you on a journey of healing 
myself with fun, laughter and creativity.

Later gators!


Rhodesia said…
Maybe my wording is different but hope it works. Keep well, Diane
Christine said…
Pam I hope you received mine I emailed you from Toronto?
Debbie said…
sounds fun..i think, i am a little confused. but it sounds like you had fun!!!
Ann said…
I haven't sent one yet but I plan on it so long as I can
BeachGypsy said…
So nice to meet you Pam! I'm so glad you stopped in to visit me at my blog and thanks for your comment. I am enjoying your blog and your pictures. Oh my--looks like we both lost our Mothers w/in days of each other. How are you doing?---I'm still struggling at times. I miss her so so much. I still want to go pick up the phone all the time to call and say "did you see that?" or "did you hear this news yet?" So much reminds me of her. I guess it will always be that way. Looks like you have bought your Mom's home, that is so nice and I think you will be happy there! (just be sure to make it your OWN--your Mom would want you to). I still have my Dad living, so he is still in their home, gosh they've lived there for so so many years. Well, maybe we can help each other with our loss, if you want to chat just let me know. Your new friend, Debbi.
Those are really fun ones!
Liz A. said…
She's got quite a few so far. I'm debating which city I'm going to do this from. I've got a few choices...
CHERI said…
I have not been on the computer much for the last few days so missed this project. Do you yet have a message from Georgia? I will find your blog post and see what's going on. I always enjoy your blog:)
wisps of words said…
You commented... About me being "MIA" around your blog. (Missing In Action), for those who don't know...)

I am way too opinionated. And I tend to tell you, what you *should* do... and thus, what you *should not* do. And no one needs that, on their blog.

Gentle hugs...

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