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I have been checking out some
different poses for photography.
I saw this one on Pinterest that
was done by kids. Pretty neat.

This would not be Photoshop, all these kids
would be laying on a floor that could also
serve to look like a wall. I love these types
of pics I just have not tried it as of yet. 
I feel it coming though.

20 unbelievably sweet photos that prove that having a sibling is awesome

Friday after Thanksgiving
assisted at the wedding venue,
Tn Tiny Weddings. 

I took my camera to get some behind
the scenes shots. 

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor

There is an on going joke with 
Lisa asking to hold the flowers
while pics are made. Seems
like this happens a lot over
the season, so we always
try to get a pic of it.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, child, flower, outdoor and nature
Side note,
the Saturday after 
Thanksgiving I
photographed a wedding.
That was the 50th wedding there
this year. After the one I shot, Julie
performed another one, making that
51. YAY.....

Another behind the scenes pic.

Image may contain: indoor

Speaking about weddings,
 I was working
on my sis in laws
 Christmas cards and 
while doing that I
 downloaded a couple
of pics from my nieces
 wedding back in 

WOW....my hair has changed
 a lot since then!
It got cut short and then I
 had the dark color
(low lighting) added in.
 I love the style
below but it just gets thinner
 on the ends.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Holly Davenport, people smiling, people standing, flower, wedding and outdoor

Love Holly girl!

Image may contain: Holly Davenport, smiling, standing, wedding, flower, child and outdoor

A group pic.
This includes Holly's mom side of
the family and my side. 
Left to right ~
Briana (Holly's cousin
 moms side)
Jessica (Holly's cousins
 her dads side)
Cobi (cousin, dads side)
the older woman in pink is Holly's 
grandma on moms side.
Behind her is Graham (Holly's uncle)
Kim, (Hollys mom)
Mark (Dad, and my brother)
Ryan new hubs
Boys in front are Braden
 (my youngest grand)
DJ ( my middle grand)
man behind DJ is Will, my
 daughters hubs.
Behind and between Braden and DJ is
Patty (Holly's aunt, Kim's sister)
Beside her is her husband, Mike
Behind will and to the side of Mike
is Amber (Holly's cousin,
 my daughter)
that is me in the long
 dress in the front
behind me is Susan
 (Holly's cousins wife)
and there on the end is
 Holly's cousin Chase
(Susan's hubs).

Image may contain: 14 people, including Jessica LePard, Cobi Montgomery, Holly Davenport, Amber Howell and Pam Montgomery Jackson, people smiling, people standing, wedding, tree and outdoor

Holly had a good turn out
 in just family alone. 

Now jumping off the
 photography theme...
I purchased this off Amazon for my
upper back, shoulders and neck.
Great purchase.
Image may contain: one or more people

Plugs in but covers so much
better then a flat heating pad.


wisps of words said…
First pic is cool. But how does the photographer get up on top of the kids??????????????? -grin- Needs lots of equipment, besides a camera!

That bigggg heating pad looks like a great idea!!!!

But, and you know, there will be a "but"... >,-) Amazon is having bad press, about selling some not-good-stuff. Are you sure that this electrical item, is authorized safe? Don't know what one looks for, to find this out, of course. But don't electrical things, sold in US, have some sort of a Label of Passing Tests, on them????

Greeting from Snow Country!
Christine said…
Enjoyed today’s photos and that heating pad looks good!
Jeanie said…
Lots of these are really cute1 I'll have to remember them with the kids -- when they get old enough to mind and stay put!
Sandee said…
Those kids did a great job with this. Very clever.

Love that wedding. How fun.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Lovely family! 51 weddings is incredible. I hope you feel soothed and warmed by your new heating pad. Be well, my dear.
Always nice to see your photographs.
That heating pad sounds very good.

All the best Jan
Ann said…
Wonderful pics. I like the ideas for the first two. The eyes drawn on the hands is adorable.
I have something similar to that heating pad. Wade bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago. Mine doesn't have a collar like that though. I wish it did because the arthritus in my neck is killing me with this cold weather.
Brian said…
Those were cool photos but I'll bet some of the kids didn't like their faces next to the stinky feet!
Liz A. said…
A wedding after Thanksgiving... Someone wants anniversaries on Thanksgiving. Once every few years it'll happen, I imagine.
I love this post, Pam, the happy bride, the beautiful smiles and that super strong little boy.
Julie Tucker said…
Love this post and pics! And, thinking I might love that heating device also!!!

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