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Not been in a blogging sort
of mood lately and with that
I have not been looking at things
to shoot for the blog!

But this morning a few
things hit me to blog

Back some time ago I
posted this pic from 
the internet.

Stating that I had a spot
that I wanted to make one
of those ladder looking
things to go between
the living room and hall. 

Below is what I did for 
my spot.

Image may contain: indoor

I hung a wreath on each side. 
Please ignore the mess.
If you look close you
can see my laundry closet.

No photo description available.

And for those that have
not been following me
for sometime, that is my
dryer in the lower
left hand corner. I got
bored one day and decided
to decorate my washer
and dryer with electrical
tape! Black and white...haha.

I have been struggling with 
some thoughts in my life, 
my head. I was wanting to move, 
find a one level home to get
away from the stairs. Not sure
that will happen. Homes have
gone SKY HIGH in the IT 
CITY for last 6 months. 
With the sell of my place

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature

which is a zero lot line
and inheritance I would be
pushing it to find a place.
So, I decided I will stay
in my home of 26 yrs and 
just do somethings to it that
I should have done years ago.

I plan on putting up a 
carport, siding on the 
house and move
that washer and dryer.

I have three bedrooms,
one of which backs up to 
the up stairs bedroom. The 
closet actually backs up to 
the toilet and bath faucet. 
I plan of revamping that 
closet to move my 
washer and dryer up there,
making that bedroom a
closet. You see my biggest
issue is getting basket of 
laundry upstairs I normally
just live out of baskets 
that never make it upstairs. 
I plan on that changing. 

Where the washer and 
dryer are now will become
my office area. At least this
is my plans and thoughts, I
just need to look into seeing
if this can be done without
issues. With that I hope to 
maybe start the bedroom
revamp after the first of the 
year, if mom's place has sold. 
Spring on siding and carport.

First I just need to get through
the rest of the yr and Jan. 12.


Brian said…
That does sound like a good plan for the home revamp!
wisps of words said…
Coming to decisions is often, the hardest part. Hope your decision, will flow into being possible...

Christine said…
Your mom's place selling is one more step to moving on. You are so creative, a fearless decorator.
Ann Thompson said…
I like how you did the ladder. Sounds like a good plan for your house
Darla M Sands said…
Sounds like a good plan! I'm with you on not being anxious to move. Best wishes!
Liz A. said…
Sometimes redoing your place is the best thing of all. Those sound like good plans. Having an upstairs laundry makes a whole lot more sense, anyway. Why lug it up and down the stairs if you don't have to?
Sounds a good plan, and I'm sure it will work out well :)

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
You have a lot on your plate -- and a lot of plans. And I look forward to hearing about them all. That will be quite the new year's project!

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