Christmas Pics of the Boys

HAHA....I have a family
session coming up next
weekend so I picked up 
some Christmas props
and I wanted to try them
My grands were the perfect
kids to play with.

They enjoyed it, even
the 19 year old. 

I have an old suitcase I 
use sometimes in 
photo sessions so 
I just stuck my Christmas
stuff in there and put it 
in the back of the SUV.
Inside was also some other
props, the teddy bear
being one. Braden loves
stuffed animals so he
ended up with that as
his own..haha

I love that the kids
were having fun playing
along with Nana.


Christine said…
Awesome photos!
wisps of words said…
Fun with Nana, is the best part!

🎄 😊 🎄
Darla M Sands said…
Wonderful! You must be very proud.
Tis the season for cute, cute and more cute!
Ann said…
How fun. These all look great
NanaDiana said…
Love it- nothing better than kids having fun with matter the season. xo Diana
wisps of words said…
Re: your comment question in my blog.... Yes, my first blog post, about this new house behind us... Was on Oct. 8, 2018.

My click-able link, takes people, to the entire group of posts, on this topic. I went back and looked up, the date of the first one.


🎄 😊 🎄
Liz A. said…
The tied up with Christmas lights pic is a hoot.
Rhodesia said…
Looks like fun. Enjoy the Christmas period. Diane
These were great to see … such fun :)

All the best Jan
They came out so cute!!!

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