Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?



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Where were you when
World Stopped Turning?

I was sitting at my desk, 
basement of the Andrew Jackson
Bldg. Downtown Nashville in
the Printing Division of the 
state of Tennessee.
Mom called to say that a
plane hit one of the towers.
My first question was if it
was an accident and at that
point no one knew, the other
plane had not hit yet. 

Lets remember the families,
the lives lost, the wives that
lost husbands, husbands that lost
wives, kids that lost parents....
and the list goes on.
Keep them in 
your thoughts and hold
them near your heart. 
US of A.


Sue said…
Remembering and honoring all those who lost their lives that day, too. Thank you for sharing, Pam. I was getting ready for a dh's appt. when the news came on the TV!. we were devastated watching that horrific event.
wisps of words said…
THANK YOU for remembering!!!!

I was ironing a shirt. My husband was watching a Financial Ch. Our son called and said.... Turn on tv! One of Twin Towers was just hit by plane.

We switched channels, and saw the 2nd plane approach, and hit! That still gives me chills, to remember. -sigh-

Wisps of Words...
Darla M Sands said…
I sat alone in a small storefront lawn care office. The businessman from next door knew we had a television. He darted over and asked me to turn it on. From there we watched in horror.

My husband and I ate lunch together every Tuesday, so we stuck to the plan. Seated in a local Applebee's restaurant we picked at our food while the news scrolled on overhead. A young person online asked the other day what life was like before that date, my husband said, and a huge thread of comments commenced on that website.

Liz A. said…
I had just moved into a new place about the week before. If I wasn't called to sub, I was going to do some unpacking. I was not called. The phone rang early (too late for work, but early). And then rang again. I realized it might be something, so I went to the answering machine. My SIL had called and said something that made me turn on the TV...

I didn't get any unpacking done that day.
Brian said…
While we weren't alive, the Mom and Dad will never forget, never ever.
Christine said…
Beautiful yet disturbing images.
Jeanie said…
I was home getting ready for work and watching Today while eating breakfast, so I saw it. A stop at Rick's (who was going to be hosting a delegation from Japan commemorating a specific WWII-related event at the U) then to work where nothing got done and the TVs were on all day. That night with our guests, we sat on the porch -- on the flight path -- with not a plane in the sky and one guest terribly worried about a friend who worked near Ground Zero. We'll never forget.
A terrible day.
Saying prayers for all those who are still being affected by this event.

All the best Jan
Regina said…
I was getting two of my daughters ready for preschool and kindergarten and nursing my youngest. I thought the first plane was an accident until the second plan. And then there was news of two missing planes. Such horror and sadness.
Pilar said…
I remember I was 15 years old in the 10th grade on September 11. Truly a terrible day. I think second period just started and we saw the images on TV in class. Those images were horrifying and so sad.

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