Funny Little Things / New Birdfeeder

Saw this posted on FB.

Course I don't have Coke stuff
so something like this is
not something I would have but
I it was so cool.

Then I saw this.

Again, not my style but CUTE.
I see this in a library.

I have an album on FB
for what I call 
Funny Little Things.
I saw this and thought 
it needed to be in that folder.
Do you see it?

I am feeling pretty good lately.
Still dealing with emotional
crap and the body still suffers
from daily pain but its nice
to feel like I want to do things.

Here is another simple, fast

Picked this candle holder up
at GW. It was gold (I keep
forgetting to take a before
pic)....any way, this was
gold and I don't do gold.
I paid 1.99 for this piece.

A can of black spray paint...have I 
told you that I love
I do!

I pretty much knew what I wanted
to do with that piece so 
I picked up these
two saucers. They were 99 cents
for two, which was perfect
since I needed two. 

Glued plated to candle holder.
. I put my E6000
up the other day, yep, forgot 
where I put it. So I used hot glue
on this project but with the sun and
this being outside I know I will have
to re-glue this stuff. 

Finished project 

 And within 15 mins after
hanging, the chickadees found

Slight issue, I can only reach the 
area just outside the door 
of the deck and looking 
at the steps of the deck, this has
to be moved. I will probably move it to the 
front of the shed.  OR...
next yr set two potted plants 
on it. 

I was on my way to 
the Bright Place, Home
of Tn Tiny Weddings to assist 
in a wedding when I saw this.

Another cute thingy for 
my funny pic album. 
A pair of shoes just sitting there
at the stop sign. It looks really
funny cause this is out in the 
middle of the road, Road goes
all around it. 

Yesterday I shot another wedding 
at TN Tiny Weddings. 
Cute couple. Groom could 
not speak English so the brides
cousin translated the whole ceremony.
That was another first for us at
the venue but it was amazing.

Okay folks....its Monday,
and its the beginning of

Looks like we will not have color
in Nashville this yr.
No rain for over a month.
Leaves are falling but there is 
no color but 
All our leaves are dying off
and leaving the trees.
This pic above I took two yrs

Have a great first day of



Debbie said…
hi pam...the bird feeder is adorable, you did an awesome job. can you open the window to fill it?? that's how i fill mine!!!
Sandee said…
Great finds. I love the stairwell the best. That's most clever.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the babes. ♥
Jeanie said…
LOVE the redo with the plates! And that bird feeder is great, although I have a feeling it's also a squirrel feeder!
wisps of words said…
House pic..? that bush, looks like a woman gently dancing? Is that what I'm supposed to see? :-)

Do you do anything, to deal with the emotional stuff? By this, I guess a big part, is your mother's death...? Just a rhetorical question. I don't expect you to answer. Just.... Wish you were getting help, with dealing with it. Your life is moving on. Or, it should be...

So sorry about the no-color-Autumn. Someone said, we up north, should have a longer color season, because of all our rain. So, I guess, these 2 things, would go together.

I am trying to notice every bit of our changing colors, and when red appears, and how it "grows," and how trees/vines look, at different times of the day!!!! I am trying to appreciate it all. :-)

Adore the bird feeder and what an easy project and cheap one at that! My kind of projects! Girl, one day at a time with emotions isn't it? Our weather is suppose be around 95 all week. Better than 101 I guess. This morning around 7:30 it was like 63 and I was sooooo happy! Hope the rest of your week is sweet to ya. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Ann said…
What a great idea with the coke crates. I love what you did to the candle holder too. It looks awesome
Brian said…
Those book steps are so cool, we know lots of bookish people who would love that!
Sally said…
I knew you'd be up to something while I've been gone. LOVE the project with the plates. Yes, I wouldn't have wanted the gold; nope.

As for those steps, not a question in my mind I'd trip and fall. It's cute but would be dangerous for older folks like me. lol

Happy to hear you're feeling a bit better, Pam.

Christine said…
Happy Fall, I think it just changed to sweater weather here.
Liz A. said…
It's nice to feel better, isn't it? I hope you do eventually get some fall color.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh my gosh, I love that last picture. It looks like Autumn has arrived in your area, Pam. You get the golds in nature? Here, I see the oranges and reds mostly, and then the golds. That Coca-Cola nightstand is cool.

Those are some great ideas. Glad you are feeling good. Keep it up!

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