Banjo/Dishes/Bread/Sunsets/Lamps/Spice Shelves

I missed blogging about the 
daily events since I was
blogging about the 
wedding venue. 

Last week when I was videoing
James playing the banjo while
the bride picked flowers, I took 
this shot.

As cute as I thought that
shot was I wanted
to play with some other

I sort of like the last pic the
best, it looks old and antique looking.

The day before yesterday I was
in the kitchen...
yep, I go in there from 
time to time, usually not to 
cook though!
Actually I was putting 
dishes away when I dropped
a new glass, right on the 
dog bowl. A few minutes before
and this would probably have 
hit Chey in the head since she
was enjoying her dinner.

The block of wood is my door
stop to keep it from shutting
all the way so Lily can come 
and go.

Then today.....
doggie dish 
is a goner!

I am so on a roll. 
I don't do plastic but at this
rate...I might need to start.

 Yesterday morning I pulled
out the big guns to see if I 
could get Mother Nature to 
play along.

It worked!!!
Instead of the mid to high 90's
we were at the high 80's.
Thanks Mother Nature!

I made some apple monkey
bread yesterday. 

I have made better. I think it 
was the biscuits that I used
this time.
But hey, its okay, sugar,
cinnamon and bread, can't 
go to wrong.

Today I thought I would 
make some rosemary bread.
However instead of baking it
in a skillet like I 
normally do I decided to
fry up some smaller portions.

Honestly I think this is the best
batch I ever made!
I love this bread but
this time I used fresh rosemary 
from my garden...
I also put a pad of butter
on the top of each piece, coarse 
salt and some parmesan cheese.

I had gone to the store yesterday,
got some ground beef while I
was there for spaghetti.
Decided since I did not put it 
in the freezer to cook it tonight.

Thought spaghetti and the bread
would go good together.
Then a light bulb went off....
I will be assisting in a wedding 
at 9:30 tomorrow. We will finish
up and have the bride and groom
on their way by 11:30...
So I am going to feed
Julie, James, Lisa and our
new assistant, my friend Treva
and myself tomorrow.

Last week I took care of my
brothers cats while they
were away....
and while leaving 
their house one evening I looked
out over the lake and saw
this sunset.

Tonight while heading to feed at
the barn I  looked out in 
front of me and saw

We have beautiful sunsets in the fall. 

Moving on to some simple

I need to remember to take pics
starting the project but 
NO...I did not.

Two dark brown wooden lamps...

Spray painted an almond color.

I had two sets of lamps I 
decided I was tired of and 
to GW they went.

This one below was a 4.99
buy from GW. I did have to 
rewire it though.

This one came from moms.

I love them this color.

A week or so ago I got a tad
put out when I was having
to dig in the cabinet for my 
spices. So I picked up 
some small brackets at
Wally World, cut some 
wood and put this up.

I love it and don't know why
I did not think of this before.
I did just stick them up but I will
either stain these or paint them the color
I decide to paint the cabinets.

Okay....I am done for now!
Gotta get to bed.


Ann said…
Of the three pictures of the banjo, I like the third one the best.
That monkey bread looks really good and so does the spaghetti sauce and rosemary bread. Nice of you to feed your friends lunch.
That sunset picture over the lake is gorgeous.
Christine said…
That rosemary bread looks good what's the recipe?
Brian said…
All of those banjo photos are super cool and that sunset, WOW!
wisps of words said…
Yes, I like the "old-time-y" look, of the banjo pic.

Does the "dropping things," have to do, with your fibro? I'd think finger nerves could lead to this. Maybe?

Although some people just "drop" stuff! No one lets my daughter touch nice glassware! She is Family Famous for d-r-o-p-i-n-g glasses!

Never had Monkey Bread, although I've seen pics of it, forever. :-)

Just saying, I knew you would not "shun" me, for having Halloween fun, on my blog! :-))))))))))) No worry with you, on that. But I really meant it, with others who read me.

Not that it would stop me.

Just gave them a head's up, about what was coming! Let them kind of ease into it, if they need to do so. Or go. Whatever....

Rain said…
The sunset is beautiful! And that monkey bread...oh my, I will have to try that one of these days!!!
Pilar said…
I haven't made spaghetti in months! I've heard of rosemary bread, but I've never tried it before. I bet the bread went well with your spaghetti!
I like the last shot too! Sorry about the broken items. Your monkey bread looks delicious. Rosemary bread looks delicious too. I don't eat many carbs anymore so you're making me very hungry. You have been very busy in the kitchen. Beautiful sunset!
Liz A. said…
Pretty sunset.

My SIL got a bunch of glasses that look glass but are a tough plastic or something for she was dropping them a lot. (This was before she was diagnosed with MS.) Dropping happens. Might as well get stuff that won't break.
Oh, what beautiful sunsets.

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
What delicious cooking you have been doing lately! And I really love your artistic banjo shots!
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, your plate being dropped in the kitchen reminds me of what happened yesterday. I had a glass (to drink) in my hands, and it slipped and fell and shattered everywhere. It was not fun cleaning it up, and the worst part, I only had two glasses left. Somehow, they always brake on us, and now I have to get some more haha. Your apple bread looks amazing. I think cinnamon makes everything taste better. What a glorious sunset you saw over the lake. : )


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