Garden Art/ Selfies/Julie's Bday....AGAIN

Today was HOT.
Heat of mid to high
90's, heat index took
us between 101 and 105.

Last week I was sharing 
art that I found 
on FB!

I actually seen something like
this done years ago
in a magazine and 
wanted to copy it then but
never did. 
Probably will not copy
this time either since
I really have limited space
in the yard.
But its neat!

Remember me telling you
folks last year about not
being able to locate pics
of me and my friend Laura
when she past?
And that I wanted to start
being in front of the camera
some but I also decided
that I would take more selfies
(I hate selfies) so my
kids would have pics of
me when I am gone!

Thought I would share a couple
of the recent ones with you.

This one was done with
me blowing a bubble
with my gum.


This one I took today in 
the center aisle
at Kroger.

Took this one the other
night using snapchat.
Okay, maybe my kids don't
need to use this one for a video
when I pass.

This one popped up on my
FB memories today.

My son Cory and I taken
July last yr on Palomar
Mountain in Calif. 

 Tonights sunsetting
in the city next to mine
when I was leaving a 
bday party.

I keep a file on FB
for things I see on cars/trucks 
Saw this one in the parking
lot on a truck.

Pretty bad ass! 

Okay, so I was stopped at a red
light on this one....yeah, I know, 
should not be holding the phone.

I have learned that some folks
tend to have
Bday months....
not just a Birth-DAY!

Aw, Julie is one of those....
Happy 29th

3rd water PT today.
Before long they will start
having my use weights in 
the water.

I have a cheaper version of
a fitbit, thought I would 
use it in the pool but
they are not waterproof.
Thats out but I was wondering
just how many steps I take at PT.
So I figured the only way to know
is count them and round it off.
I decided do take Theresa's
suggestion and count one 
part of the session.
I counted my first steps which
is five mins of of walking in 
the pool forward.
That added up to 94 steps.
But I also counted another 
part which was marching in 
place for five mins. I stopped
at 300. Next time I will do a couple
more for a sort of average. 

written 8/13/19
posted 8/14/19


Ann said…
Love the selfies. How fun they are.
A Joyful Chaos said…
Love your sense of humor with your selfies!

Brian said…
I do like that bicycle wheel. A birthday month sounds like fun to us!
Sally said…
Busy girl!

Love the snap chat pic, I couldn't stop laughing! :)

You're a trip, Pam.

wisps of words said…
Turning cool here.... Well, 70's. And much cooler at night. The Wheel of the Year is turning...

I'd get rid of the Snapchat ones! Saw one, on a funeral memories board. It did not look good. :-(

What does your son's tat mean?

Birthday months are cool! A neat "new thing"...

I'd be like that.....Want to know how many steps I was taking! :-)


Jeanie said…
When I'm walking by myself I count steps all the time. Same with swimming strokes. It's almost like meditation and you realize what you are doing!

Hot here, too. And yes, I'm a BIG fan of birthday months and have been for years!
Debbie said…
i have seen those fun pics from snapchat, but i don't have a snapchat!! the picture of you and cory is quite nice, you look really good!!

the sunset is beautiful, so peaceful!!!
Love the sunset photograph :)

All the best Jan
Christine said…
Happy Birthday Julie!
Liz A. said…
Too bad you can't get a waterproof fitbit. They must exist somewhere.

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