SUV/ Roadside Finds/ Ole Blue

Who remembers my discussion
about my car,
the two wrecks, the totaling
of my Prius?

Well I held this big talk
on FB about who had what 
type of car and did they 
like. I knew I wanted a small
SUV so that is what we 
focused on.

I drove a couple I had 
in mind.
Then I checked my insurance
to see how much it would 

I decided used was the
way I had to go.
But by this time, having 
my bubble busted on a new
one, I just went and got
my mom's car and I have
been driving it. 

About a week after getting
moms car my sis in law,
Kim called and asked did I 
find a car yep. She had a friend
selling one.

It took this long to get the
SUV cause the friend lived
in AZ. part of the yr and 
here the other part. They had
decided to sell the one here
cause they were selling in AZ
and moving home.
Problem was, car was here,
title was here, they were wrapping
up the sale there, so I had to

I picked it up last night.


2012 Ford Escape.
4 door.
Sun roof - always wanted.
Phone links to speaker in car.
Heated seats.
I love.

Leaving to head to 
Julie's the other day
I went past a lot of 
roadside finds at a friends
up the street. 

Well you know I stopped!!
But I knew I needed none of
this. Started to pull off when
I thought maybe Julie and James
could use the pedestal at
TN Tiny Weddings Venue.

I got tagged in this pic
later that evening with 
Julie thanking me.

Once I got to Julie's
I realized I could
use the mauve chair
so I text Tracy to 
save for me.
I picked it up in 
my new
SUV for photo
purposes but now
that I have it, I think 
it will be more of an issue
hauling it for shoots.
We will see.

While us ladies talked
weddings and work the 
guys were in the garage working
on Ole Blue.
He is getting a over haul.

That is Lisa, Julies cousin sitting
in the trunk of Ole Blue.

HAHA....Jerry, friend of James
got a tad carried away.

Truck has a new fan moter! haha
and two new headlights....
check out the Cab Ornament...
a duck. 

Funny bunch of guys.


Brian said…
Congrats on the new ride, it’s a pretty one!
Rhodesia said…
Love the colour of your 'new' car, enjoy. Diane
Liz A. said…
Good finds. Congrats on the new (to you) car. Have fun with it. You deserve it.
Ann said…
Nice ride. Congrats on the new wheels. Mine is a 2015 Escape. I don't have the heated seats in mine but had them in my last car. I really miss them, they were awesome.
wisps of words said…
Hope this car, works out wonderfully, for you!!

It's red and that means, it's pretty! :-)

Boys will be boys... ,-)

Congrats on the new SUV!
Christine said…
The car looks fantastic!
CHERI said…
I think you will really like your Ford!!! We have bought Ford Explorers for years. In fact, between my husband and me we have probably owned at least 25!!! We trade often:) An SUV is can haul a lot of stuff easily. Can't believe those roadside finds. I have never, ever seen anything like that on a curb anywhere!!! Of course, I live in a small, more rural area plus leaving things on the curb just doesn't happen around here. Well, I did grab two plastic bins by someone's trash can awhile back...forgot about that!!! They cleaned up nicely and I use them in my pantry!!!! Isn't FREE stuff, great:) I always look forward to seeing what you've been up to:)
Jeanie said…
I like it a lot, Pam! And you'll really be able to pack in the stuff from the garage sales, too!

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