This and That

Everleigh update~
She is doing great.
Amber went to see her the
other day and she had just taken
31 ml from her bottle. 
Still as a way to go 
but doing great!

This will be one of those
this and that post
of things I found on FB
and some of my finds.

This pic is from the
internet! OH my
gosh although I am 
not a big Flamingo 
fan I love the colors.

There are a lot of days that
I might not get out at all
and would not if it was 
not for barn feeding time. 

But the with taking care of 
James and Julies
dogs for a couple of
days I decided to make
the most of it and 
drove around some. 
I also did that when I was
headed to the marina down
the street the other night.
I take off trying to find roads
and places I have not been 
just to look around and maybe
find that perfect shot.

I was in this neighbor and 
of normal size homes
and BAM I went around
a curve and saw this!


I thought I was somewhere

Same with this pic.
I have an album (lots of 
albums) that is titled
funny things. 
This got put in that

This could also have fallen
under that album.
I am sorry, I do not mean
to offend anyone but
this look at 
Goodwill  (GW Boutique) yesterday
caught my attention.

 At GW Boutique
I saw this!!
Going to be some 
little piggies in a blanket

I stopped at the dollar
store also.
Walking around the store
I happened to look
down on the shelve and 
saw that some child (I hope)
that tried to take a bite
out of this fake apple.

Then I saw this..

I have always said
that duct tape could fix
anything but this is not
even duct tape, it looks like
painters tape!

I live in a well established 
neighbor hood and I have
been keeping eyes out around 
the hood for homes for sale.
Decided I would love to 
stay where I am and try to locate
a one level home around
here. And I had been wondering
about one home although it 
was not a one level and I 
was not interested in it to buy
but wondered about it being
empty. But the other day
I drove by and two days
before it was THERE.
BUT now it is gone.

Wow, makes you wonder 
why they would tear down 
a brick home to rebuilt I 
assume but most folks usually
redo them. 

Oh well, can't wait to see 
what happens next.


NanaDiana said…
I LOVE all your pictures of this and that. So much fun. They should set up a booth next to the GW "boutique" that would give fashion advice. lol
Hope you have a good day, Pam. xo Diana
Sally said…
I've missed you, Pam. Being in St Augustine with the kids, but back now. You find the most funny, cute and pretty things to photograph. I hope you're feeling as well as you can.

I'm happy to hear that Everleigh is continuing to do better. I love the little trailer, so cute! That's one crazy entrance on that house.
Sandee said…
Thank you for letting me go on an adventure with you. Hubby and I do this very thing from time to time. It's most enjoyable.

I'm so happy the new baby is doing well. So adorable.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. ♥
Rhodesia said…
Haha I wonder if that woman in Goodwill ever looks at herself in the mirror, what a sight for sore eyes as my mother would say. Some great photos here, well done. Great news on Everleigh. Have a happy day, Diane
Brian said…
Those were fun photos and hooray for sweet Everleigh!
Ann said…
Great news on Everleigh
That house is really something. Looks like a little castle. The door on that other one is funny. That first step out is a doosey.
That outfit on the girl in goodwill is quite the fashion statement.
Pilar said…
That's great new about Everleigh! Beautiful photos Pam!
So pleased to read that the new baby is doing well.
That first picture is so sweet.

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
Careful, that first step's a doozy...
How wonderful about Everleigh! What a gorgeous castle like home that is. Pigs making out is a strange sight. In MA, we were required to have annual auto inspections so tape to hold a car together was unacceptable. No inspections are requires in SC and I am shocked by some of the vehicles I have seen on the road here! We have seen cars without hoods a couple of times!
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, that apple is too funny, Pam. The things you see on an average day. Wow, I can't believe they demolished the house that you were interested in. We are flamingo lovers in my family, so that flamingo trailer got my attention. And I'm so glad to hear Everleigh is doing good. What a wonderful picture of you and her. God bless this precious child.

Jeanie said…
Glad to have more good news on Everleigh! Makes things all good!

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