Perfect Shot / Dinner / Thank You Note

Pulled this pic below from FB.
It is the most awesome pic caught
just as a swimmer was breaking the 
surface of the water!

Would love to give credit to the 
photographer but was able to get the 
name. AWESOME pic.

Today I got the nicest 
thank you card from 
my niece thanking me for the 
wedding gifts and all the help
I gave on the shower and wedding.

She wrote the most perfect thing
in her note, special to me so I am not
sharing. Thanks Holly. I love you.

Took this in my building at work
Monday. Standing in the wheat field!

I love that pics were taken from Photo
Services and made big enough that
I can sort of place myself in them!

This evening on the way home from the 
barn I stopped and picked up
something fast for dinner.

Poured some Alfredo Sauce 
over them....


I have been doing my coffee
in doors lately on my days
off cause the heat is kicking in 
really early in the morns.
I did spend sometime out
doing coffee on Tuesday
morning. I ended up going in 
soon afterwards, the heat and
some pollen was making life

Dermo doc has me taking allergy
pill first thing in the morning
and Benedryl at night if I start
itching. However that makes me
sleepy so I am taking an allergy
pill at night also. 
I took the trash out yesterday
evening and thought I would never
stop itching. 


Sally said…
Those are some bad 'itching's'!

The photo of the swimmer is truly awesome! I didn't see him at first; just looked at those glorious colors. :)

Sandee said…
Wow on that shot. Perfect. Someone knows their way around a camera.

Thank you cards are wonderful. How good of her to do that. Many young folks don't bother anymore.

Have a fabulous itch free day. ♥
Brian said…
That is an amazing swimmer pic! Oh no, itching is no fun at all.
The swimming photo is awesome! I am craving tortelloni now. Yum! I hope the allergy pills start working for you.
Jeanie said…
Don't you love real thank you notes, written on a real card with real pen or ink? They seem more rare these days. Your niece was raised right!
wisps of words said…
Swimmer pic... Nope. Don't you believe it. That was photo shopped. Every thing can be photo shopped these days. Dad-gum-it!

Look, you put yourself, in the wheat pic! Everyone can do it.

Can't even believe really old (like Civil War, etc.) photos any more. Even they, can have been photo shopped.

Mmmmm, do you think you walked into a pet peeve of mine???? LOL

Sorry, but photo shopping, and such possibilities, with allllll photos, these days, IS a pet peeve of mine.
wisps of words said…
Itching.... HOrrible.... Hope this stuff works!!!!
Kim said…
Alfredo sauce is my favorite...and I'm sorry you're itchy. I know that feeling well and it's awful. I hope you can get a break with the meds, but it's a bummer when you can't go outside.
Rhodesia said…
That top shot is amazing. So nice when people make the effort to actually put pen to paper to say thank you. Email thank yous' are just not the same! Keep well Diane
Ann said…
That first photo is amazing.
The humidity here has been horrible. I haven't spent any time outside and I used to love going out on the deck in the morning or evening. Now I just sort of hide in the house
Liz A. said…
I'm sorry. I hope the itching subsides soon. And the heat.

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