Mason/ Lickers/ Wedding and Pork Rinds

He's all shinney and new!
Welcome Mason.

My 3rd great nephew. 
Born early morn 7-12-19.
Six months to the day that
we lost mom.

Depending on what part of
the country you live in 
you may or may not have
heard about the 

Apparently it is a new fad
where you are
videoed by a friend 
opening a thing of ice cream
in the store, licking it and putting
it back for someone to buy.

Its all over social media.
Well, was going past the post
not wanting to share cause that
is what they want...
but I have started sending it 
to the police department in the 
area that person lives.
I go to their page, check and make
sure it is the same person 
in the video, look to see
where they live, via fb
and sending it to the police
in that area. 

I had to get in on the 
and posting it to my page.

My post read that I was doing 
the ice cream thing but
unlike the idiots that do it
in the store, I went to Sonic
and bought my ice cream!

Friday I worked a wedding
at the Bright Place.
I was not the photographer
but we always try to get 
them cell phone pics.

The family.

 My latest addiction!

I have always liked these
but had not had them 
in years.
Recently I found that they
are no carbs and low in 
calories and fat.
Best if you can buy the 
baked ones but I hardly
ever find them.
I love this stuff. 


Congratulations on your adorable new family addition! I love your lash back on the ice cream liking situation. It is so disgusting what the kids have been doing.
wisps of words said…
Shiny and new, and wrapped in Red, White and Blue!!!! Gorgeous little one!!!!

Ice Cream Lickers! Sick! They should be sent to the Police. Ughhhhhhh....

Pork Rinds. Must be a Southern thing. -giggggles-
Jeanie said…
I just can't handle pork rinds. But I can handle ice cream. I'd not heard of the licking. Not so good!
Rhodesia said…
Congratulations. Keep well Diane
Sandee said…
Aw, congratulations on the newest cutie pie. So precious.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥
Pam, that little fella is adorable. We just got a new great-nephew too. 9lbs and 11 oz! He came here a toddler! LOL! I read or saw something about the ice cream thing. MY MERCY!How totally crazy! Hope they all get caught on camera. I love pork rinds and my new favorite are salt and vinegar. I actually have eaten so many of those things that I am about to have a belly full. LOL! Hoping you have a great week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Brian said…
You version of the ice cream thing is much better. That one lady is looking at up to 20 years in jail.
Liz A. said…
I tried pork rinds once. Didn't like them.

Congrats on the new great nephew.

I like your response to the ice cream lickers. Such a silly fad. Makes me think of goldfish swallowers. So many stupid fads from the past. Now there's a video component.
Debbie said…
such cuteness pam, so sweet and peaceful!!

i have heard about the ice cream thing, i am not sure where kids get this stuff from!!

i don't think i have ever eaten pork rinds!!!
Sally said…
Sweet new baby!

Yeah that ice cream thing makes
Me nauseated! Surely people will check to make sure the containers are sealed!

Ann said…
Congratulations on the new addition to the family. What a sweetie.
I heard about the lickers but didn't know what that meant. That's pretty disgusting. Good idea sending the video to the police department.
We sell those pork rinds in the store where I work. I haven't tried them though
Many congratulations on the arrival of your third great nephew, sweet and adorable :)

All the best Jan
Pilar said…
Congratulations on your new great nephew. He is precious!
Red Rose Alley said…
Welcome to the world baby Mason. How precious he is Pam. That is my dad's birthday as well. That ice cream thing freaks me out. What are people thinking? You know, I've always liked pork rinds. I think ya either love them, or you don't haha.


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