I have been working
on moving pics out
of facebook, buring
some to disc and just deleting
I had WAY too many 
pics on fb.

While doing that I ran across 
a lot of pics of me
with different hair styles.

So I pulled some into 
my blog so that you 
could see. 

Keep in mind that
I am one of those folks that
gets tired of my hair easily and 
I will spend 2 yrs letting it grow
only to turn right around
and have it cut off.
Its been a given that is how
its done for me for 
years now.

Here is a pic of my friend
Laura and I.
Laura is the one we
lost in Oct. last yr.

Julie, Dakota and I.

Here I am bracing the
curls in my hair.

The one below was taken
in March when my niece
got married. 

The two below are recent
pics with the 
recent hair cut. 

so do you wear the same
style all the time?
How many years have you
been wearing that style?


Brian said…
Dad must have gotten tired of his hair, it’s gone!
wisps of words said…
Ohhh me tooooo! I simply can't stay with one hair style for too long!!!!!!

Worst part is, I have fine hair. Got finer, with age and going gray. Not thicker, like some lucky people. So my options are limited.

Of course, I don't let that, hold me back! (Silly me!) I try for not-for-me hair styles, often. -grin-

We aren't OCD! We are simply *adventurous*!!!

Darla M Sands said…
Beautiful! I can't say which is a favorite. ~grin~ As for my hairstyle, it has changed greatly through the years. I went blonde and curly for much of the eighties. Mostly straight and red was next (very yuppie for my corporate job). Then I got bored and stayed red but with green (more like teal) stripes. That got old fast, and around 2010 I changed to alternating shades of deep red, blonde, AND black, which was fun except for the four hours processing took. When every woman and her grandmother around here started going multi-colored, I went back to pure red. Eventually my hair grew thinner and thinner, so the length went from around my shoulders to an asymmetrical cut - to my chin on the left angled in back to reach just below my right ear. Is that enough information? Heh...
It is fun to change up hairstyles! I really like a short hair cut on you, but love all your looks!
Rain said…
"When your niece got married" is my favourite of your hairstyles! I love the photo with the whipped cream (?) on your face!!! :)
Ann said…
Yours looks nice no matter how you have it.
I pretty much stick with the same cut all the time. Sometimes it gets a little long in between cuts but that's about the only change there is
Betsy said…
I cut my hair now and then. Nothing special with me. I like it easy to manage and not a lot of fuss. Your hair looks great short.
I was on FB but got off of it. Got to be boring with the same old same old. People kept posting quotes, sayings and recipes. don't miss it a bit.
Way too much information sometimes and more than I need to know.
Happy Saturday
Jeanie said…
You do the short hair especially well and it's always really cute! Fun to see all the styles.
Liz A. said…
Since I refuse to do anything with my hair (blow dry, use product, etc), there's not much I can do different. I'm good with that.
Pam, you can wear your hair pretty much anyway and it looks good on you girl. If I could only choose one style though I really that like that short and sassy style. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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