The Backyard

I have FRIENDS that 
I have never met.
Sort of like my blogging

I cyber met these ladies
when I was on a internet
site for Moms and grandmoms
to post pics of their human babes,
furbabes, or pics that they took
that just bring them happiness.
That site was called Clubmom but
it closed down several years ago.

When the site closed down a 
bunch of us moved over to 
facebook. I met Becky
cyberly through that site and 
have stayed in contact via FB
over the yrs.

I just had to blog about Becky and 
her yard.
Her and her family have done
so much work on 
their backyard.
Such an amazing looking
place to chill out.

I want to go to just visit Becky and 
sit in her yard!!!

I thought of Becky's yard and 
sharing it with her premission 
after seeing some pretty cool
yard decor on PINTEREST.

Check these out.

Love this pic above but 
I am so iffy about putting a lot
of wood in the yard.  TERMITES
scare me and in the south they
are a given, esp if you live near

So sweet the birdhouses are.

Loving all these 
designs but there again....

This is the reason I stick 
mostly with metal....
rusty metal!
in my garden.

 I really, really, really like
the below look.

Problem with that, way too
much work for me to do!

I was sent this pic yesterday.
Taken at Easter at the Bright Place.
Another friend of James' and Julies
took this pic.

Me in my natural state!
Love the 1925 Shell Truck
behind me. 


Amazing yard! I have always dreamed of having a serenity garden like this. Becky is really talented to create such a gorgeous space to enjoy. All the other decor is so charming too. That is a great candid of you!
Debbie said…
WoW!! becky's yard is gorgeous, really gorgeous!! a yard that looks like that is a lot of work and kiddos to becky for designing that and keeping up with it!! the ladder, what an awesome idea!!

the koi pond too, so beautiful!!! ooooh and those birdhouses!!!
wisps of words said…
Becky's garden/yard look like something out of a magazine....

Ohhhhhh how delightful! Magical! -happy sigh-
Unknown said…
Oh my! Thank you so much! I can't take credit for all of it, though. My husband designed most of it. It's a wonderful place to just ... be.

Thank you, Pam, for the lovely blog! I'm going to take some of your suggestions since wood isn't as bad of an idea in the Great Northwest.
Carol Henstra said…
Oh it is so hard to chose one. They all are wonderful! Thank you for showing.
Jeanie said…
That's an impressive yard. And I love the wisteria. And the photo of you!
An amazing garden, beautiful photographs.
… and I just love the photograph of you :)

All the best Jan

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