Projects~ Stain Roadside Find/Ambers Tray

Found this on PINTEREST 
when I went looking for ways
to prevent flies from messing with 
Ordered Skin So Soft and
just waiting for it to come in.

Hoping it helps. I hate
flies all over the horses.

I just love a lot of the 
50's style dresses. Course my
waist is not that tiny.

Last spring I started on this 
I found this cute table on 
the side of the road.

This is what the finish looked like.

Once I started stripping it I realized
that the wood under all that 
was beautiful. 

But since I don't have a shop and
it started getting really hot I 
put this away.

Today however I decided that I 
was doing something to finish it 
up. So I brought it into the kitchen,
sanded it and applied a light 
color stain.

(Molly photo bombed me)
(Ignore the just 
finished eating).

Check out how pretty that 
wood is.

All that I have left now is
to seal it and
rewire and add a shade.

I think it is so pretty.

Almost two weeks ago I 
took the Prius into the shop
to get a repair estimate on it.
Guys said I will get that done and
send it in. I finally had to call
the insurance company to 
find out something. They had
to call him because they had
not heard anything.

Yesterday, Friday I got the 
Now I have just got to wait
and let that section of the 
insurance company to call me
to tell me what I will be given for
it and where we go now.

HAHA....saw this on FB

I think the next car I get I will need
to do this.

Last Christmas I made these for my
daughter for Christmas.
4x4 cut to size.
The ring part of the lids for 
Ball/Mason jars.
Stained the wood.
E6000 glue (the best)
to apply the lids.
The other metal parts I had
on hand except for the drawer pull.
The two rings came from one
of Misfires worn out halters.
The hinge I had also. I rusted them
up with vinegar, peroxide  
and water.

We talked about about how to 
display them on her table.
Since then we lost mom and 
Amber is getting Moms dinning room
round oak table.
We talked about a tray like I had
made for my living room but did not
want to stain it since since it was going 
on a wooden stained table.
With that....of course came 
the idea of paint!

Here is the tray I made months ago.

Painted off white

Hit here and there with stain.

 Applied drawer pulls I 
picked up at Lowes.

I don't have the candleholders here
at my house so I could not really
fix it up to show.
But I did add some decorative stuff
what Amber can place around the 

All left to do is seal this piece.

I made myself do projects today.
I have to push to get these things
done. Right now though I am
taking a break cause the back
is having one spasm after
Going to put at least
one coat of sealer later today.



Ann said…
That table looks awesome. The wood under all that gunk was beautiful.
Brian said…
Those are cool finds and your talent and eye for fun things is amazing!
Fingers crossed for success with the fly spray! Nice score on the side of the road. That is brilliant use of those foamy things. The candle holders are really cool and rustic. I love the sweet gum seed pods. Those were something I never saw before until moving south. They are really whimsical and I can see how they can be fun to craft with.
Christine said…
So sorry about the car! The side table looks great now.
Rain said…
Pam what happened to your car???
I LOVE the table, wow, you did a great job on it! And that tray too, very nice!!! I hope you're taking it easy today!!
Liz A. said…
That table is great. Very creative stuff.

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