Grief Support/ Nashville and Gears

Not reported in much about 
mom lately so I did want to 
tell you that I did go to one
session at the Grief Support.
It helped to talk.
Need to sat up another appt.

I am doing better. I don't cry everyday 
like I was. I have not BALLED in 
sometime. I even have found the old
me coming out from time to time with
dancing and singing around the house.

I go it Goodwill the other day
on the way home from work.
I looked up and there stood a shorter
older woman, short gray hair...
for one split second I thought, "what
is mom doing here"?
Then that second past and tears came.
I had to walk away. 
I cried all the way home. 

Moving on..
This is the site I saw
coming out of work today.
RAIN was coming.
I could smell it.

It did rain but we could stand to have more.
93 yesterday!

Came out of the bldg. to walk to the 
parking lot today, it was 80.
Wind was blowing a cool breeze
and there was NO
I love it!!

Took a few pics on my way
in this morning.
Just cause I was stopped at lights!

Welcome to another view of Nashville, TN.

Newer building behind that older
one. I love the way it is painted.

This is the mail street coming into town.
Most of these buildings are really old
and redone. I love when they do that.

HAHA...I can remember back in the 
late 70's when I first started working in town, 
these buildings held peep shows and 
porn shops. Lower Broadway was
a mess and no one was ever caught walking 
around down here.
However, it is the busiest place in town
now, people come just for the fun,
eats and entertainment in this area now.

This is an older cool bldg. Not sure
what business is in there.

The other night Theresa and 
I wanted calzone. But our usual spot to 
go was closed for Memorial Day.

Tried another place, new place down
the road. Yep....not the best.
It was greasier but I think they poured
a garlic butter over this.
Two cheeses - yum that was good.
But taste alone, I will not be going back
for their calzone, I will be heading back
to my other place. 

I love these coasters.


This is cool also. 


Ann said…
The crying does lessen over time but there are still times when something takes you by surprise. I still get the occasional thought or memory that pops in my head and makes me cry. You're doing great, just take it one day at a time.
A calzone sounds really good.
Grieving is important and can be a slow process. I am sure it will continue to get easier. Maybe next time you see someone that reminds you of mom you will smile instead. It has been very hot and dry here. We reached 100 yesterday! How awesome that a formerly sketchy part of the city is now thriving in a good way. That gear are is very cool.
Liz A. said…
It's the reminders that come out of nowhere that get you.

A few years ago in March, I was calling roll for some class or other. The only rosters I had were from October. So, I was going through, and it wasn't until after I called the name that I realized I recognized it. I had read her obituary in the school paper that past November.

After calling the name, another girl had to excuse herself from class for a while. The deceased student had been a close friend, and hearing her name brought it back for the student. I felt so bad for her. And I was kind of pissed at the teacher for not having more recent rosters.

Be good to yourself. These things happen.
Christine said…
The calzone looks good. In time you will heal.
Rain said…
Oh yes, those coasters are pretty cool! The calzone looks so good! I need to make some! I'm sorry about the Goodwill episode...must have been so rough. We just never know when our grief will set us off. You sound so good though Pam, I'm so happy you're feeling a bit like yourself again! xx
Red Rose Alley said…
That's good that you went to a grief support to talk about your feelings. This will be a hard time for you, but it will get easier with time. I remember when my dad passed away many years ago, and I was in the store and a song came on "What a Wonderful World." This song reminded me of my dad, and I started to get tears and had to walk out of the store. But it was that song that kept me so close to him, and to this day when I hear the song, I smile and think of him. These are moments for remembering, Pam, for grieving, and for thinking about the good times with your Mother. She will always be with you in your heart.

Jeanie said…
Grief specialist Alan Wohfelt calls those "grief bursts," triggered by something completely unexpected like a sighting as you described or even a song on muzak in the store. They happen all the time. The main thing is that they are a "burst" and you are not crying all the time. Talking is so important. It helps normalize things that you already know are normal but still, it helps. You are moving gently ahead and one step at a time is still a step. Sounds like maybe more than one, here.
Pilar said…
Pam I'm so glad to hear you're going to grief counseling. I know you're still hurting, but talking about your feelings will help you cope. Sending hugs and wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend!
I found that over time crying does lessen … but there are still times when something takes you by surprise, it's only natural.

But each day you are moving one more step forward which is good.
Sending positive thoughts and my good wishes to you.

All the best Jan

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