Flowers for Spring/Sunsets

Funny how after a death
some folks find pennies laying
around on the ground~
I always heard they were from
a loved one in heaven.

Mom started finding pennies
when her sister past away in 
2011 but when I found a container
of money in moms things
 I realized that 
aunt Carolyn was throwing
more then pennies.

Mom had a note in that container
with all the money added up~
25 bucks and some change. 

Knowing I could use all the 
help I can get mom has
yet to throw pennies
or anything at me!

Saw this on PINTEREST
the other day. 
I just think this is so 
cool looking.
Looks like just a scarf.


Day before yesterday I decided
I needed to go out and 
change the flowers for 
mom and dad.

I was surprised to see that the flowers
I took mom on my bday a 
month ago were still there.

But its almost spring so
the flowers needed to be changed
out to some bright springy like

Mom has been gone 
2 months now.
She loved spring and the
growth of new life.

the pic below is just so


This is my sweet great nephew
Colton and his best friend.

Spring is around the corner folks!!!

(internet pic)

On the calendar it arrives in five

Wed night I was out at
my brothers place and
snapped the sun setting.

But last night as I walked in 
moms kitchen I spotted
this site out of the window.

So pretty. 
Brings a smile to my face.


wisps of words said…
Beautiful sunsets....

Sweet pic of baby and dog....

Isn't that, just a scarf? guess maybe, it's attached to the top....?
Darla M Sands said…
What a lovely bouquet! And that image of the spring cracked me up. Hope you're having a good day, my dear.
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, that's wonderful that you found a container of money in your mom's things. Every now and then, I'll see a penny on the ground, and I pick it up and put it in my "pennies from Heaven" jar. I know how hard it is for you to go to the cemetery, but I think it's good to say hello to your mom and put new flowers on her area. And it is healing for you too. These flowers are pretty and really nice for Spring. That picture of Colton is soooo cute. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Pam.

Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, I'm not sure those are cherry blossoms. I think they are, but I just call them the Pink blossom trees haha.

ps....I also left comments on your previous posts. Don't know if you get them through e-mail first. But I just kept reading and had fun catching up today. : )
Rhodesia said…
When my husband's aunt died we found money in notes squirrelled around all over. In books, pockets, cupboards...... am sure she had no idea where it all was. We had to check every bit of clothes and go through her whole library of books!!! We found several 100 pounds!
Love the idea of that scarf must try that out.
The flowers on the grave are beautiful. I wanted to go to my Mum's grave while we were in the UK but we just never managed to get away for long enough, too far to just pop out to it sadly. Happy weekend Diane
Liz A. said…
I bet your mother is sending you something other than pennies. Butterflies? Birds? I'm sure you already know what it is.
Christine said…
welcome spring!
Sandee said…
The spring bouquet is most beautiful. I didn't know about the pennies though. I do now.

Colton and his best friend are most adorable.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to all your pack and Lily too. ♥
I love the way that scarf is worn. Gorgeous! Colton and his buddy are too cute for words!
I haven't heard that about pennies from heaven. I always say "In God We Trust" when I pick up a penny. I wonder what your mom is waiting for! Her flowers look lovely. Cute shot of Colton with the dog. Have a wonderful weekend.
Ann said…
That spring bouquet is beautiful and so is that sunset
Brian said…
That sunset is magical and so are pennies from heaven.
Pam, such beautiful sunsets! Darling photo of Colton and the dog. The spring around the corner made me laugh out loud--so funny. I hope you are well and that Spring is not too far away for all of us.
Such lovely photographs you've shared.
A very nice spring bouquet, a beautiful sunset and a simply gorgeous photograph of Colton and the dog.

My good wishes.

All the best Jan

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