Faces / B&W Pics/Bracelets/ Gown

I love stumbling on items that
look like other things, esp.
faces in wood.

Do you see the eyes and the

Years....(YEARS) ago my brother 
built a pine hutch for my mom
and the other day I noticed 
these faces.

Another one..

When we moved to moms house
it had wooden framed windows
but years ago they were replace
with replacement windows. 

I was at the sink the other day
and looked up, where the wooden
window used to latch into the frame, I
saw this little face looking
down at me.

Yesterdays post had some 
pics of the pasture but today
I am showing them in Black and White.
I love B&W.


We actually have had 3
days of sun and great temps.
Day before yesterday I went
out to veg on the deck and soak
up some sun coming in through the 
screen. Course my bud is with me.
Lily was on the rail looking
out and the rest of the 
heard was in the yard.

Went home yesterday to 
do somethings at my house...
mainly clean out the fridge!
Not being home for 2.5 months
required my science experiments 
to be removed and thrown out. 
Checking the mailbox
I had a nice card and two 

A friend of mine that lives in 
Montana knew I was having a hard
time and she asked me to name
one word that meant something 
to me. I came up with two not 
knowing why she wanted to know.
I picked Nature cause ~
It brings me peace. I can sit
out in the yard or play in the
dirt and I feel recharged.
And Strength ~ because through life
I have had to have it and right now
I am needing it even more. 
I love my new bracelets. 
Thank you Tracy. 

I am not going as full force with
going through things at moms.
I try to do at least one thing a day
now. The other day I went through
a cedar chest and found this.

My high school cap and gown.
My brothers also graduated from the same
school but being guys they wore red.
I found them also along with two
others for Ray, UT MARTIN and 

Yesterday I realized when I went to 
the barn to feed that I had
only eaten part of a BLT
for breakfast so I grabbed something
that McDonalds is trying in our area.
A Big Mac Bacon Burger.
Yep...I was not impressed.
However with posting this on FB
I learned that other areas of the state 
where friends have tried this
said that they had so much
bacon on theirs they had to remove
some! Wow...not sure what happened
in my area. 

Not the biggest fan of McDonald anyway except
their fries. I was hoping that
the bacon would change the taste 
of the Big Mac but that did not happen.

HAHA...I saw this on PINTEREST
and loved it. 

Here is hoping that you have
an amazing day today.

If you have the time jump over
and check out the babes.


The wood knots are so funny. Definitely faces! The rusty photos look very cool in B & W. Your new bracelets are perfect. That was so thoughtful of your friend. Those t-shirts are so cute. Most families can certainly relate!
Debbie said…
i am ashamed to admit that once or twice a year, i must have a big mac!!! i love big macs!! i really love the natural grains in real wood and yes, i see the faces!!

with reference to my shawl...it is navy and gray. i thought the boarder yarn was primarily gray and blue. i was surprised at all the purple that was in there once i got going. i may give this to my niece as she bought this yarn for me!!
Sandee said…
Love all the rustic photos. I do see the eyes and nose too.

I rarely go to McDonald's. Not a fan either, but their fries are the best.

Love the kids' t-shirts. Yep, that's right.

Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. Scritches to your pack. ♥
wisps of words said…
Cool faces!!!!!!!! ,-)

Some people see these, in trees in nature, and consider them tree spirits.

Gotta' be aware of eating regularly. My bod tells me, loud and clear. no waiting. no forgetting. I seem to run out of fuel, like a car. ,-) Then, it is time, to refuel.

Oh wow, she did keep everything!
Darla M Sands said…
Ooh, rich post. That first image reminds me of a horse face with a blaze on its nose.

And B&W. Love it.

Years ago I bought a DVD of sci fi/horror film "The Mist" adapted from a Stephen King short. The director, Frank Darabont, opted to include a black and white version. It was way better than the theater's showing. I have a theory that a lack of color distills the horror somehow, hues acting as a too pleasing mental distraction. Heh... Frank Darabont is a god. He also instigated an airing of the first season of "The Walking Dead" which he directed for TV.

As for what you're facing, I am so thankful the old homestead was cleaned out and sold before my mother passed away. Among some random items, I received some of her (unused) art supplies and vintage greeting cards, perfect mementos for me. Before her health failed she was a minor shopaholic and hoarder. ~grin~ Your mother's collection is amazing, her storage system impeccable. It's cool to sort of get to know her through your thoughtful posts. ~hugs~

Wow, I'm writing a book here. Heh... But lastly, that limited time Big Mac just sounds off to us - the wrong texture. And yes, you can have too much of a good thing. I prefer Burger King's whopper jr.

Be well!
Ann Thompson said…
I'm always looking for faces 8n wood and other places.
Those are nice bracelets. What a sweet gift
Brian said…
We are always finding faces and other critters in other places too!
Christine said…
I do see those faces! sorry you didn't like the bacon burger.
Liz A. said…
Our brains are hardwired to see patterns in things, even when there aren't patterns there. But knots in wood so make faces appear.
Diane S said…
That top photo looks like a shot of my wardrobe!! Cheers Diane
I love the bracelets. Oh my, your cap and gone, that's cool! Absolutely love the black and white photos. Stunning! Love the faces in the wood too and I do look for faces in things. Cute t-shirts :)
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, I love it - you see faces in the trees and wood too! I often see images in things, especially the trees. That first one is so cool. I like the words you chose for your bracelets, especially NATURE, as it does bring us peace every time. Those are cute bracelets - did your friend make those or find them somewhere? Oh my gosh, once in awhile, I crave a McDonalds Big Mac and Fries. Always a treat coming over here and seeing your unique posts, Pam.

Jeanie said…
I see those all the time at the lake -- stories and faces. OK, here's a true story for you. When we were kids (little kids, I might add) my cousin David would traumatize his younger sister saying "Those are eyes and they watch you at night while you sleep...just waiting...!" Poor kid. We partly blame her later mental health issues on that!

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