Wire Springs/Quilt/ First Christmas Ornament for 2019

Yep.....I have been doing some chilling
and scrolling PINTEREST.

I saw crafts with wire springs from 
old box springs some time ago.
 I found a set of springs
that Chris (friend) pulled from an old
couch. So I had to have and back

Oh my gosh...I LOVE that stuff.

A long time ago I posted my quilt
that my sis in law Lori made me.
(I love my flip flops and

Lori is self taught, she sat down 
at the sewing machine 10 yrs ago
and decided that she was going to 
make a quilt and she has been going
since then.

The other day she gifted her niece
with this one.
Isn't that amazing?

Do you quilt?
Do you sew?

I have been thinking that I need a change,
as if I have not had my share lately but
I want to change my looks.
I look at myself and I don't see 
the pretty YOUNG woman I once was..

Its the gray along with the sagging
skin since losing weight.

I take a vit for hair and nails and
the nails have been growing like made
so recently I have taken to going
to have them done in gel polish.
I have never been able to have 
long nails but now they are looking
good. Hair, still losing a lot
everyday so I need to work on something
for that....

But anyway....I decided to gray
needs work.

So....I need to make an appointment. 

This is me!
If not for the fact I have to go
out each day to feed at the 
barn I would not leave the house.

I wanted to start on my Christmas
ornaments for this yr. I thought 
I would do wood burning but have
decided recently to just paint them
like I usually do. 
I did Snowfolks last yr.
This coming yr will be Whimsical /
Folk Art Christmas Trees. 
However I decided that my daughter
and I will have a special 
one this yr.

I  painted Amber's last night.
My mom loved bluebirds.


Ann said…
I love the bed spring ideas. I've always liked the looks of them but could never get my hands on any.
That quilt is beautiful. I can sew but haven't done much of it in a long time
Christine said…
Great repurposing of coils and a beautiful quilt! I colour my hair regularly.
Liz A. said…
Youth is overrated. But that's some nice gray hair.
Brian said…
That are such clever ideas with those springs and the ornament is sure pretty. I’m ready for Christmas, let’s get that tree up!
Denise inVA said…
Enjoyed reading your post Pam, the quilts are indeed amazing. Always admire that kind of talent. I think your new hairdo will look great and I like your photo too. The Christmas decorations are great. The bluebird ornament will be a sweet one especially. So sorry for your loss Pam.
Jeanie said…
I'm glad you are taking it easy. And nothing like Pinterest to kill time and inspire!
Sally said…
I love the Christmas ornament, Pam. Just beautiful.

Who would have thought that so many things could be with box springs. I'm not nearly as creative as you; you absolutely blow me away!

Sandee said…
Lori's quilts are beautiful. Wow. Love that purple one the best. Okay, I love pink and purple.

That haircut is awesome. Go for it.

Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to all the babes. ♥
Rhodesia said…
The springs are amazing, do any beds still have springs these days?
A change of hairstyle always perks one up. I seldom change mine as it is kept short. The longer it gets it is extremely curly and I think it ages me!!! More than I already am! Keep well and cheer up Diane

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