Decor and Jeans

Lemon for me. 
First one to stay and be eaten...
Next on the list
Course personally I love
baking a yellow cake and eating
it with no icing!

I was scrolling through.....
wait for it~
of course and saw this.

I looked at it and could not
decide if I liked or not.
The more I looked the more
I decided that I do like.

I do also like this.

This however, not so much. 

Love the letters. I love letters
in general, wonder if that is my inter
TEACH coming out ~
NOPE. I just love to use them in 
However, I don't care for the wreath.
On a site I visit on FB I 
saw a lady that has something 
like this only for different Holidays
she changes out the wreath.

I have so many plans for 
my house but I seem to be thinking 
more then I can produce.
I love the pic below.

I love the open shelves but I don't 
think they are for me.
The chandelier though!
Would love an island like this 
but my kitchen does not allow
you the room for something 
like this.

LOVE the stove.
Not a fan of Buffalo prints though.
Love the ceiling.
The lighting over the island.
The glass cabinets.
I don't do white though.

I have things I need to do at
my home and being away right 
now would be the best time to 
get into it but.....I just seem to 
be lacking on the getting up and 
doing thing!
Then there is the much
do I want to put into doing when
my thoughts have been thinking that
once brothers and I talk, decide on 
moms house....
I might sell and move out away
from the building and growing
of Nashville.

Been looking at neat bathroom
redo's. Not for my place but
for the mere thing of just looking.
My niece has a log cabin....HOUSE.
And she is into the horses. I
thought I would make the tray and
sign for her.



Okay...enough dreaming with 

I decided I wanted to do something
okay, basically I made myself
produce something I have been 
wanting to do.

I picked this up this shirt thingy 
at Goodwill weeks ago.
Got it for 99 cents and I only got
it for the lace.


I wanted the lace for my jeans.
Jeggins I think they are called.

And this is what I did.
I figured that cutting holes in 
my 12.00 jeggins would not be a big
loss if I messed them up.
I love it.
I love lace and denim.
I love bling too. you have
learned a lot 
of what I
in this blog today.


Darla M Sands said…
You are just so creative. Hope you feel good today!
wisps of words said…
Learned stuff, you like on Pinterest.

But more interesting is, that you are considering moving.... And I think you want to get away from the "excessive growth" of the city, where you live.

Which opens up a huge line of thinking!!!!! Where? What kind of home? How close to family? Or not?

And if you are serious, about the possibility of moving, "don't they say" to simply fix what needs fixing, in what you want to sell? Don't individualize it. Let buyers see a clean, neat home. But let them be able to visualize _their_ decor, in it. Not a lot of the seller's personal ideas...

Oh see what you got me into!!!! -grin- This is like one of those tv shows!!! People want to move. Where? How big? Etc.? Etc.? Etc.? :-)))))

Sandee said…
Vanilla would go. Boring.

I'd eat the carrot, then the chocolate and then the lemon.

I love that country kitchen.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to all the babes. ♥
Brian said…
Those kitchens and bathrooms are super nice!
Sally said…
Love everything, Pam. You find the greatest things, and you do the greatest things! Those first curtains? I absolutely love it; the way they're hung. So original.

Your jeans are cute; they remind me of a lady that is on my sidebar; haven't been following her lately but she does things like that with lace; jeans, shirts etc.

Liz A. said…
Pinterest is dangerous. Now, if I could get the kiddos to put lace in their ripped jeans...
Rhodesia said…
A lot of those things are just too busy for me but love the jeggings πŸ˜‰ Keep well and take care Diane
Christine said…
Very creative with the jeggings!
Jeanie said…
I'm a lemon girl myself! As for open spaces, I don't mind shelves but I couldn't have glass or open cupboards. I have enough trouble with the tupperware avalanche with the cupboard doors!
I do like lemon :)

You have been very creative indeed with the jeggings :)

All the best Jan

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