Crafts Past and Present


except the paintings)

This has been my life.
Seriously, where does it all come
from? I think I have blown 
my nose more in the past two
days then I have in the last
twenty years of my life.

Was getting over it, I thought.
But yesterday I was showed 
I was wrong!

Anyway, for lack of not getting out,
and not taking pics
I decided to do a post of
things I used to do.

I have been a crafter for as
long as I can remember.

I started with (I think) embroidery.

Aunt Martha iron on's were
my friend.

These had cool patterns.
I used to embroidery on my jeans.
I even did an eagle (I think it was)
on the back of my brothers blue
jean jacket. 
Course I did pillow cases,
little hand towels...
just whatever I could get
a needle through.

From there I want to say 
(memory sucks) 
I went to beads.

One Christmas I got a kit that allowed
me to make some beaded necklaces
like this.

From there I started making my own
earrings and other necklaces.

In Jr. High School (which at
that time was 7th, 8th and 
9th grade) I learned to knit
Only I put pom poms on the top.

From that point I learned to crochet granny
From there I did a couple 

Got even bolder after that and 
started making single and 
double crochet afghans.

Over the years I have made 
scarves, potholders 
and lots of other stuff.

Along the way somewhere I 
found rug hooking.

Wow...been yrs since I have done

I guess I tend to get bored with
sticking with the same
sort of craft.

In the 70's there was
macrame. Yep, I picked that up
also. Did a lot of it.
I made wall hangings.


I made towel holders, 
spice holders
and plant holders.

I made my share of hanging

I even made my older brother
a hanging lamp for
his dorm room at
UT Martin.

Course in Sr High (12th) I took
art and next thing I know I was
painting a couple of paintings.

After I married 
I ventured off to painting
flowers on wooden pieces I bought.
Played with stencils. 

I taught
myself to cross stitch since
it was the new and upcoming
needle craft.

Wow...over the years I did a lot
of this. I made pictures, I 
made Christmas ornaments, 
I did everything!

Getting bored with all that I
started drawing with color pencils.
That and my mom took me into
painting classes.

From there I picked up my first
professional camera (through
all these crafting years, I always
had a camera I played with).
From that my photography grew.

Recently of course I have gotten
into some building items.
Shelves, benches and other

With all this crafting I acquired a 
lot of supplies.
About 3 yrs ago I gave away
tons...and I mean tons of
knit/crochet yarn.
It was taking up way more 
room and I was not using it 
I recently boxed up all my 
cross stitch patterns, thread,
and material and gave it away.

I was in the habit of collecting items
to re-purpose in other
crafting stuff, I have recently gotten
rid of a lot of that. 

I am still holding onto my
of beads,
my paints, both acrylics and
oils. Of course I 
will hold on to my cameras and
all my saws. I just am trying
my best to not to take on 
any other crafts. 

like the one I just took up,
Not to mention the wire 
jewelry thingy I have never used, or the
metal letter stamping kit I 
never used, or the bottle
cutting tools I never used.....
crap I need to get busy playing
with those things!


Jeanie said…
You're not alone. Been to the store twice for Kleenex in two weeks. And zero productivity for the most part. So I send you many get well wishes with more than a great deal of empathy!
Sandee said…
I admire crafty folks. I'm not one of them unfortunately. I wish I was, but everything I've tried I end up with a mess. Oh well.

Have a fabulous day. Big healing hugs. Scritches to the babes. ♥
wisps of words said…
So you have always been into crafting and art and doing things! Lovely to have had all those hobbies. All that fun.

Myself, I wasn't that prolific. Used to draw some, as a kid. Did some oil paint, and pastels, back when the kids were younger. Also did some Jiffy sewing then.

Not too long ago, I tried to get back into sewing. But it didn't stick. ,-)

Guess my "art things" now, are the fun I have, with my 'blog look' and finding lovely pictures/art/etc., to post.

And I still take photos, but just for fun.

✨ ☃ ✨
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, my dear, I hope you are feeling better now. And have fun! You're so incredibly talented.
Christine said…
we can find everything on the internet, nice photos.
Liz A. said…
Those slippers look like the ugly slipper pattern I have. My great-grandmother put pom-poms on top, too. I hated pom-poms, so I don't do them. But yeah, that was the look.

Letter stamping on metal is very chic right now. And macrame has made a comeback. (My father was big into that in the late '70s/early '80s. We had a ton of stuff he did.)
Brian said…
I sure hope you feel all better soon. I sometimes with someone here, or anyone here, had some crafting talent!
Oh my, you sound like me! I have cleaned out a lot of projects I used to be involved in. I'm now back to embroidery. Hope you're feeling better soon! ♥
Debbie said…
we are cut from the same cloth pam. i have always been crafty and can't think of a craft i have not tried or been addicted to!!

it's been a 2 cold winter here at my house and both colds have lasted weeks. we are at the point now where we don't want to leave the house. i hope you feel better soon!!
You are definitely creative!

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