Finally ~ 40th High School Reunion Pics

I got a Christmas card in the mail today
and included in the package was a 
disc of the pics that the hired photographer
took the night of the reunion back in July. 
Thanks to our class president Charles.

The lady to my left is Lisa. I have known
her since elementry school. Lee Ann, on 
the right I met in high school. in the middle.

PERFECT and right to the 

I really was not prepared to be scrolling through
the pics and come across ones of 
Laura and I.
(We lost Laura in Oct)

Jerry and I. Also known Jerry since 
elementry school. Matter of fact he lived
on the street over from me.

Laura and her hubby, Ken left
us the first of Oct. and Laura 20
days later.

HAHA....yet another person I have
known since elementry school, David.
Went to school with David and his
twin brother, Paul. We lost Paul this yr

Me, Laura, Debra and Janet. 

Lisa and I.

These are the folks that we have
lost, up until July since we graduated in 

HAHA...these are pics taken off the 
screen where the slide show 
was showing.

Oh my....there were 400 and some odd pics 
but it was fun going through them and 
reliving that evening. 


Ann said…
How fun going through all the pictures. Wonderful to have a few of your friend Laura in there too
Rhodesia said…
Fabulous photos and you look amazing and so young still. I find it hard to believe that Garfield only arrived on the scene in 1978 he seems to have been around forever :-) Have a good weekend Diane
Sally said…
Such beautiful photo's; I'm so sorry you lost friends this year though.

You look GORGEOUS, Pam. It looks like so much fun; so happy you were able to go!

Brian said…
Y'all really did have a big time!
Christine said…
I remember the Saturday Night Fever days. Lovely memories thanks for sharing your photos.
Darla M Sands said…
How bittersweet. ~hugs~ Great photos!
wisps of words said…
Looks like a great evening...

And so nice, to have pictures of everyone, to remember by. Especially, of those recently lost.

Remember the good times!!!!! :-)

Liz A. said…
I vaguely remember 1978. When you were a senior, I was in 1st grade.

Seeing something to remind you of someone who's passed can hit you hard. This reminds me of a story.

I was covering some 12th grade English class. It was spring. I had an old class roster to take roll from. From October. I called a name. A girl got up and ran from the room in tears.

After calling the name, I realized my mistake. In October, a couple students (as in 2) had passed. This was one of the names.

The girl returned later. Apologized. Hearing her friend's name had hit her hard. I understood completely and apologized to her.

I blame the teacher. She should have given me updated rosters. I know she had them...

Ah well. Kind of scary how many of your classmates have passed. Glad you're still around.
How wonderful, Pam. You all look so happy.
Comedy Plus said…
How fun. Some great shots. I was the class of 1969. Nestucca Union High School in Cloverdale, Oregon.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the babes. ♥
Sakuranko said…
Oh very interesting event darling
Jeanie said…
What a fun event. But oh, how sad to have lost Laura and be surprised when you saw the photos. And yet you know you both had a good time and that probably was wonderful for her.
Pilar said…
What great memories Pam, and you look beautiful in the pictures! How cool is it they included trivia and facts from 1978?! I find those types of things interesting! Have an amazing week!
Red Rose Alley said…
What fun classmate pictures of your reunion. It looks like you had a great time! Night Fever by the Bee Gees, loved that song back then.....still do. That little dog on the table is so cute. Is that a bull dog, your mascot? Fun times, Pam. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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