Family Genes

Happy Birthday Mom!
Love you.

Family Portrait 

from many, many, many
years ago.
I am thinking this was taken when I 
was about kindergarten to maybe
second grade (within that period).
That would be me to the left, only
girl other than Pumpkin, sitting on moms
lap. My younger brother sitting in my dads
lap. Dad and mom and my older brother Ray
standing to on the right.

Those of you on fb know that you
will get memory pics thrown up
on your page. The family pic was 
put up as a memory on my page the 
other day. 

A friend commented that my
grandson Caleb favored Ray.

Yep, its there. My moms side of the 
family has some amazing genes when
it comes to looking like someone.
I noticed when my son Cory was a baby
her favored my nephew Chase, Chase favored
his dad Ray, and on and on it goes!

Here is a pic of me as a kid and 
Caleb next to me. 

Funny how your genes carry on to the 
next person. 

I got a nice thank you on fb with 
this pic. I made a set of solar light
bottles and gave them to Julie 
at Tn Tiny Weddings. 
She has them sitting out now.

Was driving through the hood on the 
way out the other day and saw this.

Someone blew their leaves out into the 
road. looks bad and 2nd
this can be dangerous for those riding 
motorcycles. The wind did come in 
and blow these away. Hope most of them
ended back up in their yard. 
OOPS....yep, you just saw that side of me.


Frosty melted. 
Cold this morn, Nashville has actually
had snow flurries this morn.

I posted my plant a few days back but
since then it has busted out even
more with blooms.

They are all over it.

Color is amazing. 

 Dude that fixed my hole in the eve
of the house is coming back today
to replace some wood around
the house that has messed up.
My home is a wood siding home.
Actually saying wood is being nice,
it is made up of boards that are
made from pressed pieces of 
wood (like partial board) ...
sitting on this creek and the mositure
from it does a lot of damage
to this so called wood.
It actually took me forever to get
someone who was willing to
take on such a small job
of replacing the wood. If my
body was in better shape I probably
could have done the work myself but
that can't happen. 

32 degrees in Nashville with snow
flurries! I would not mind a good snow.

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NanaDiana said…
Pam- Amazing likenesses! We have some family members that closely resemble each other and other family members that we think were switched at birth---lol.

Glad you found someone to do some work on your house. That particleboard siding is miserable -especially in humid areas.

I hope you have a wonderful day, Pam. xo Diana
Darla M Sands said…
Wonderful family! You have me thinking about getting a Christmas cactus. ~grin~ Lovely color. As for that leaf pile, I could be wrong in this case (maybe you were witness) but I saw the wind do that all by itself the other day. It was wild. We have a pretty snowfall this morning, just enough to brighten the landscape with no need to shovel. Hurray! Now it's off the gym. Be well!
wisps of words said…
Your Mom was a pretty lady, and you inherited her looks. Lucky you! :-)

The flowers on your plant, are gorgeous!!!!

Good luck with wood damage. Ahhh home ownership, always something to doooooo.
Comedy Plus said…
What lovely family photographs. These are most precious.

Oh the leaves. They do that here and it's most dangerous. It's also rude.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Rhodesia said…
Great memories we are so lucky that we have photos of way back. Take care Diane
Liz A. said…
I hope you got your snowstorm. Take care.
Christine said…
I've seen snow dumped into the road never leaves, ugh!
Ann said…
What a great family portrait.
Jeanie said…
I love your memory photos and Christmas cactus. And I'd kill for 32 degrees!
Sally said…
The Christmas cactus is beautiful, Pam. I've also noticed some "look alikes" in our family. And, actually one cousin especially like my mom, and oldest brother.

Brian said…
Great photos! That's my idea of the purrfect snowman!
I love the old photo. They are the best! Your cactus is beautiful. Mine only has a few blossom's on it.

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