Horseshoes/ Cakes/ Card

Last night I was hurting
pretty bad and could
not get comfortable 
at all so I decided
that I needed to 
create something. 

I had a few used 
horseshoes hanging around
so thanks to the idea from
Pinterest I made this.

I wanted to hang it in the barn.
We have this new door
that is between the wash
room and the stalls
and I thought it would look
great there.

These are pretty easy to put
together so I decided to 
make one for my friend
Debbie. She loves horseshoes 
hung along with other stuff
on her walls. 

She will love this.

Today after being at the barn
and hanging the one I made
for there I decided Misfire
needed her own to hang
at her stall.

Will hang this tomorrow.

Been sharing cakes with you 
that I have decorative over
the yrs. Down to the last
two that I have pics of.

Made this for my brother Ray
for his bday one yr.

And when my younger brother
Mark turned 50 I made this one
for him.

Over the hill 

I love these. Found them on 
a site on fb..

We are up to yr 4 on my 
Christmas cards that I have 

This is one of my faves.

Today was a yucky day.
Rainy and windy....
BURRR...making that even
more colder. 

This pic was posted on FB by
a friend of mine that lives
2 hours away.

We have had some sleet and 
flurries but thank goodness nothing
like this. However they say morning
travel will be rough. 
Glad I don't work.

After a trip to the barn to feed...
and stopping at the store I 
came home and had some
hot choc.

A touch of cinnamon and nutmeg...
it was great and helped to 
warm me up.

Tell me what the weather is like 
where you are...oh and how about
throw in where you are.


Darla M Sands said…
Love the alligator (or crocodile?)! Sorry you've been hurting and so uncomfortable. It's with awe I see folks push through and not wallow in pity. I don't know what I'd do. ~hugs~ I am blogging today about the ice in our Dayton, Ohio region. Glad to be retired, as well, though I may go to the gym later with the predicted thaw. Take care, my dear. Love the cakes and horseshoes, by the way. You're so talented.
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, and the card's adorable. Heh...
Comedy Plus said…
I love the snowmen the very best. That's a great way to use a couple of candlesticks. Most clever.

I love your cakes. You are most crafty.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Dakota and Lily. ♥
Liz A. said…
Love the horseshoes. You should make up a bunch and sell them at the next event in your area.

I won't tell you about our weather. Typical California November, basically.
Brian said…
You are so creative and we love seeing what you come up with!
wisps of words said…
Not being able to get comfortable is awful. But glad you can sort of lose yourself, in crafting.

We were supposed to get snow today/Thurs. And it was hair cut and another grocery store run. Thankfully, the storm won't be here till tonight... tomorrow. First big winter storm of the season. Which a lot of people are experiencing already!!!!

We are in the upper NE. Land of 4 distinct seasons. Even though winter can be tough, I couldn't live any where else. :-)))) Thankfully we don't have to go out to work, etc., any more.... So prepare for storms, ahead of time. And hunker down. :-)

Hope none of us, are really "put upon" by this storm!!!

Oh and your cakes were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhodesia said…
I hope that you are feeling better now. I love those horseshoes. Take care and rest. Diane
wisps of words said…
Re: Your question in a blog comment...

Yes I read "A Discovery of Witches" and it was great!!!! I recommend it. There are 2 more also, but have not gotten into them yet.

Right now, I have gone back to another great series ... "Chief Inspector Gamache" books. There are about 3 that I have yet to read, so I have one of them. (Large Print, from the library!)

I really enjoy this series! But don't read them all, in a row. Just my way.

Stay warm!!!!
Christine said…
Horseshoes are lucky symbols!
Ann said…
Your horseshoes look great.
I absolutely love those snowmen. I wonder if I have any old candlesticks around here anywhere.
Rosie said…
Just popping by to say thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Your decorated horseshoes are wonderful and the cakes too:)
Jeanie said…
What a fun idea! I especially love your goofy-eyed snowman! He's just adorable!
I do like the horseshoes, and love the snowmen :)

All the best Jan

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