Here You Go - Another This, That and Whatever Post

sorry I keep sharing this type
of art work but 
I just think it is great.
The artist is able to get the 
look down so well that you
know who it is yet
it is blown all out of 

I have always been a 
fan of Cher's....long
before she made it big,
used to watch her and Sonny
all the time. 

I know money can keep you 
young looking but man I 
wished I was built like that! is one I TOTALLY

My son who is now 31 has
always loved Lucy. 

Shortly after moving to my
home, over 26 yrs ago, I was
in the kitchen and I heard my son
laughing so hard.
I went in the living room and 
he was watching Lucy. 
one. ..

When I worked at the blind school
a young woman that I became
close to made the statement 
that she just had a RBF!
I had NO clue what that was
so I looked it up.
RBF means
Resting Bitch Face!
Saw this on Pinterest and had
to share with Jenny.

Yep..I have the CPF!

Okay....whom of you is OCD.
I think I can for sure pick
a few of you that might
be like this.

I would Darla maybe...
Sandra for sure....
and maybe 

Am I correct?
Me...haha not so much.
My washclothes are out in 
the open on a shelve so yes, I 
try depending on my mood.
Towels go under the cabinet....

I read this several yrs ago
and I love it. 
HAHA...with family attitudes
this yr I might need to 
stick some Prozac in the 

A friend of mine from NJ 
pointed out that I did not need
to be going to the barn alone
without my phone.
You all know if you have been
following me for a bit that 
I have been stepped on, knocked
down and pushed over by
horses...including mine.

So...I have started making sure
that I have my phone on me.
Been stuffing it in my back pocket
if I have on jeans. But....if I am in my
leggings that is normally no where to stuff
a phone. Plus, new iphone so I rather not have
it in my pocket if I get 
knocked on my A----
So I purchased this to hang
around my neck.

The corners of the phone slip into 
the loops at the bottom and top.
However I still did not feel the 
phone was secure.

But the other day I was at the 
Dollar Tree and found 
this for a buck.

I was also trying to clean 
the kitchen when mom called
yesterday so I had the phone in 
upside down so the mic was 
up to my face and I talked
while I washed dishes.

Now I don't have to worry about 
this girl or others
causing me to land on my

 I have been experiencing some
rough pain the last few days
but since I had to go feed
yesterday, I decided to stop at 
Goodwill also. 
Sometimes when in pain
I tend to become 
antsy and restless so 
I felt walking might help
with that feeling.

I found this.....
Those that don't know...
my last name is Jackson! 

Oh my gosh...I found this for
I love this. 

On the way to the barn 
I was watching the sky.
Love the way the clouds look.
Problem with being a photographer

However I pass of the Hermitage ~
Home of Pres. Andrew Jacksons
property and I looked out as
the sun was setting. 

The sunset was getting pretty
but the rail fence just added 
to this pic. 

was well worth me pulling 
over for this shot. 

Yep....this shall be a framer.

Well....are you impressed?
NO Christmas stuff today!
However thanks to Sandra for 
tagging me on fb on this
I had been hearing that
this study had been done
but I had not looked it up.
Thanks Sandra.
Check out this study.

While you are jumping from link to link
check out the biggest furbabe at


Brian said…
That art of the famous ones really is amazing and that's a cool way to keep stuff in neck reach!
Comedy Plus said…
I've watched every episode of I Love Lucy. A funny lady and very smart too.

I love your this that and whatever posts.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the babies. ♥
Sally said…
I used to like Sonny and Cher, but Lucy? Oh my goodness, I just watched again the other day the one your son was laughing about. Her show and Carol Burnett's my all time favorites. I can't think of another female comedian that could or can compare. Seriously.

Love the sunset and fence. You find the most wonderful places to photograph, Pam.

wisps of words said…
Good grief, you should have your phone on you, for sure!!!! Glad you solved the "where" problem.

Gorgeous nature photos....

Mmmmmm, I'm not really doing early Christmas stuff... So maybe it's OK to take that test. >,-))))

OCD...Here! Of course there is a "way" to fold towels!!!!! Of course!!!!!! -grin-

NanaDiana said…
I need to go check out that website when I am done here. I loved Sonny & Cher when they were young. They seemed so perfect together and it made my heartache when they split up---and then he died so tragically. I loved Lucy when I was a kid, too, and certainly remember the candy factory show.

Love your sunset pictures and I am glad you found a solution for your phone. Great idea to keep it on you when out and about and in the barn.

Happy Thursday- xo Diana
Thanks for the laughs, Pam! I love Lucy as well, especially the candy one with Ethel! Great pouch for your phone and I'm impressed you can still talk with it on--neat! Lovely sunset photo as well. Hope you're feeling better this afternoon. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
I hope you are having less pain. ~hugs~ Glad that pouch is working out. Neat idea. And awesome photos. Funny enough, I don't fold towels for the closet so much but my wash cloths get a special fold to fit in my bathroom cabinet. Heh... Thanks for thinking of me. You made me smile. Take care!
Rhodesia said…
Haha, yes I try to keep the towels sort of folded like that but if someone unnamed puts away or takes out they sort of lose the style a bit. Keep well Diane
Ann said…
That last picture is gorgeous.
Love that wire basket thing you found at goodwill
Liz A. said…
I had a similar problem with my phone, so I knit a purse for it. Now I have several and I sell them. As I tell people who visit my booth when I'm selling in person, most of my patterns solved a problem I had.
Just love those last two photographs, amazing and beautiful :)

All the best Jan

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