Wedding - Jen & Robert

Morning start here
in Nashville TN
35 with a high 
of mid 50's.
Time to clean up
the deck and prepare

Last Sunday was a rainy day...
all day but let up 
around 4 for the wedding
of Jen and Robert at the 
Bright Place /TN Tiny

Here is a shot of the couple
with the suitcase in the 
back of Old Blue, looking
like they are
ready to head to 
their honeymoon.

Here is another prop I 
came up with for 
wedding / couple 

Course I just love the frame

Aren't they so cute?

Julie at TN Tiny Weddings
picked up this cool
& sign for wedding

Here I got a pic of the couple
framed out in the 
window of Shelley,
another cool prop at
the Bright Place.

Have not done this shot
in a long time. 
Turned out cute though.

I just love this shot.

Oh my, this turned out

Love all the rustic things
to use for photo

HAHA...James had a cigar
he thought would look
awesome in a pic.
He also supplied the
cool hat.
I personally love the
bow tie and suspenders.

The couple brought this
pic of them to share
in the photo shoot.
This was the first pic
they had made together
as a couple.

Another prop from 
the Bright Place.

Here I love the pic of
the couple behind the 

Posing in Old Blue.

Looks like the couple
is loading the 
bus to head out.

This is the newest
prop supplied and 
added by James (owner).

So 60s/70s!
So finger peace
signs was needed
for sure. 

Hoping you enjoyed the 
wedding of Jen and Robert. 

Have you attended a
wedding lately?

Info~ In 2008 I bought 
my first REAL (Professional) 
camera. In showing some
of my nature shots to
an agent I was working
with from East TN while
working for the 
TN Bureau of Investigation 
I was asked would I be
interested in doing a wedding.
That was not my intent when
getting my first camera,
it was for just hobbies.
After telling her NO,
she offered me a price
to drive 2.5 hours
to east TN, a hotel
for the night for me
to come do this wedding.
She was giving me and my
photography as a wedding 
gift. I ended up going back
to do her aunts wedding,
and her son's. 
Thanks TJ for getting
me into shooting weddings. 

Check out the babes


Christine said…
Gorgeous photos, congrats to the lovely couple!
Sandra said…
I love all the props and what a perfect place for a wedding. congratulations to the bride and groom... bob would love all those old cars and trucks
Darla M Sands said…
You have such a good eye for photos!
Brian said…
Those are wonderful photos, you are so creative!
NanaDiana said…
Pam-- What a fun wedding and GREAT photos. I really love the sweet simplicity of her is just perfect for her. All the retro things in the photos make them so interesting. Congrats to the couple.
Have a great Sunday- xo Diana
Debbie said…
WoW!!! You did a beautiful job, the pictures are awesome!!!!
Yes they are a beautiful couple and those pictures are so awesome! I wish them a long, happy and healthy life together.
Ann said…
Fun shots. I haven't been to a wedding in ages.
Rhodesia said…
You props brighten up any wedding well done. Hope you are well Diane
Great photos! I love her dress, too!

How fun to do wedding pictures. I like your props, and style.
Liz A. said…
Great shots.
Such lovely photographs.
My good wishes to the newly-weds.

All the best Jan

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