Mark's Style

Back in Sept. I was cat sitting
or feeding for my younger
brother, Mark.
I did not walk about
in the backyard at that
time but today I ran
over to visit the cats and see
if I could get the indoor/outdoor
one in cause it came
a down pour.

I love his sense of style.
Like me, he don't care what
people think of what
he does and I love that
he just DOES.

This is one tree in his backyard.
Old worn out shoes
walking up the tree.

Had to get a shot looking 
up the tree from the base.

A framed pair of shoes?

But lets not leave out
the sign and license

Or the measuring tape
going up the tree.


Another tree...
has Tonka trucks 
in it.

There are actually about
four tacked up in there.

And yet...another tree
has a sign sticking out
of the split in it.

Mark is a recycler and
when he sees metal items
laying out and about he
takes them home to 
take and recycle.

He has recycled "satalite dishes"
and applied them to his

Can't remember but I think
the car is an 82.
AMC Spirit, my
dads old car. 

My dads old boat.
Keep in mind, my dad
has been gone
almost 32 yrs. 

HAHA....thick spider
web on the boat.
I understand if the webs are
thick it means
a rough winter.
Not sure about thick but
I have seen more than
my share of spiders and
webs this yr. esp at the barn.

Mark lives across from the lake.
He collects drift wood. I can't
wait to see the day come
that he starts making
things with his stash.

Love this. 
Just a simple shovel in 
the wood. 

or a cow skull.

I just love strolling around
his yard.

Looks like fall is arriving...
slowly but it is.

After visiting with the cats and
trying to locate Smokey to
put him in I was on
my way to my car when I 
noticed a piece of paper
folded over from the rain and
attached to the carport cover
So I unfolded and 
I read this....

HAHA....if you notice on the top
part of the blue tape
is a spider.
There was a web up in the
corner so this is Mark's
way of telling everyone
to be careful there is a web
and spider there, don't 
run into it.
Unlike me who
would kill the spider
Mark will not.

Hoping you enjoyed the post
today. Do you have any quirky,
cool style you would like 
to share?



Sandee said…
You have your art and he has his. Excellent.

I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Dakota and Lily. ♥
Liz A. said…
There's something about siblings... You both have similar sensibilities. I notice the same thing with my brother. We agree on weird things sometimes, and these things come up at the oddest times.
Brian said…
I love that tree with the shoes, such a hoot!
NanaDiana said…
LOL -That is so funny----Your brother has a great sense of humor and he makes me smile. I am sure he makes you smile all the time, too. xo Diana
Ann Thompson said…
Your brother yard is sort of like strolling through a whimsical art gallery
Christine said…
Interesting garden art!
Rhodesia said…
Love these photos, interesting place. Take care Diane

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