Cabinets, Paintings and Zu

My friends James and Julie
just celebrated a wedding 

He is what James made 

Cedar log, cut down and
then cut this out.


I will be picking up 
my brother and sis in law
at the airport tonight.
They are coming in from 
Fla. This morning was my
last day to feed the furbabes.

I was met at the door 
by Zu like I have 
everyday this week.

When I get in she does this

I sat down right there in 
the door way with her
and rub that belly.
Today, with my legs crossed
indian style she crawled
up in my lap and 
kept crawling right up my
chest. I braced her by
putting my arm under her
rear. She buried her nose
in my shirt like she was
trying to get my scent. 
I took my fingers and started
massaging her head and she 
closed her eyes, she was in 
heaven. I feel in love
with her all over again when
I looked down and saw
that she had DROOLED...
on my arm. I just
wanted to cry is was so 

Now the other night she was
not near as sweet
when she done this.

You see, while trying to go in 
the bedroom and tell
Smokey good night, Zu tried
to slip in, I took my foot and
went to push her back and
this is what took place.

Check this out...isn't it

Piece of drift wood Mark
picked up at the lake
and mounted on the wall.

My brother is so talented.
They bought this place and
he knocked down some walls
given the kitchen, dinning and living
area an open concept.

In doing so he redid the whole
He made the cabinets.

   This is one side of the room. 

The center.

and the other side.

I looked over and saw
this on the wall of the living
room. I did not paint Thumper 
(dog) but I did do the
other two. 

Cool floating shelves.

I also did this for him
a couple years ago.

Yesterday I got a wild
hair and decided to hang
my fall things outside.

I painted my leaves falling thing
for the porch last yr. I
used the drop leaf from a 
table I took apart.

I still have the other drop leaf 
so I did this today for my

Just have to seal it and put a hanger on 
the back.

Here is hoping you have a great day,


Christine said…
Sorry about those scratches! Beautiful piece James made Julie.
Liz A. said…
Ah, cats... So loving until they don't get their way...
NanaDiana said…
Love it- It looks like something my son would make. Have a great weekend. xo Diana
Ann Thompson said…
What a sweet greeting you got. Maybe feeling bad about what he did to your ankle the other time.
Brian said…
Happy Anniversary to James and Julie! Oh that sweet kitty sure knows how to meet n' greet!
Darla M Sands said…
You are so talented and creative. I love those autumn plaques. Sorry about your foot. That looks painful and it's always disheartening when a pet attacks. Yesterday an aging yellow lab bit her human! That was a shock; she didn't like when my friend's son tried to prevent her chewing on her flank.

That house is really nice. How does he find the time and energy to work on it like that? And I want that driftwood piece!

Now, I have to ask, what is the purpose of those two upside down cereal boxes atop the refrigerator? ~snicker~ I hope you are doing well today!
Sandra said…
the kitty story is soooo sweet. maybe she is saying she is sorry she scratched you... the cabinets are AMAZING. we need new ones. our were cheap and are cardboard if you know what I mean... looks like your brother has the same talents you do....
Denise inVA said…
Ouch on those scratches. Love the talent in your family. You and your brother are very clever and creative. That is such a thoughtful gift.
Sally said…
Well, the 'artist' and 'creativity' gene runs in the family, Pam. Very nice!
Betsy said…
I love those paintings ant the kitchen is a work of art too. I like the green and want to paint my kitchen a light color green.
The American flag painted on the shutter is a first, never have seen this done til now. I totally love it!
Debbie said…
it looks like you are both very talented. his kitchen in really beautiful, i LOVE the green cabinets!!!
Jeanie said…
He's very talented! What a thoughtful gift -- it must run in the family.

Sweet Zu -- I adore her!
I do like the autumn plaques :)

Sorry about those scratches though - Ouch!

All the best Jan
I think Zu was trying to make up for her scratching you. You are from a very creative family Pam! Your brother did a great job on his cabinets and I really like the floating shelves. Love the art that you and he created. ♥

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