I keep getting comments from 
some really nice ones too but I have
no clue how to get in touch with you.
If you have a blog site please leave
the link or at least an email.
Also wondering why every time
you comment it gets showing up on 
a post I did some time ago?

Give me a shout out please,
leave your name also.

I am going to see my daughter and 
the grandbrats.... grandboys today!
Blog to follow later today.



Sandee said…
I always wonder about those too. I hope this person gets in touch.

Have a fabulous visit with family. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
I hope you two get in touch and that you're having a lovely day!
Sally said…
Enjoy your day with the grand's, Pam.

I too get those Pam. Now I do get one that always signs her name and I know her personally but she refuses to create an account and very seldom browses any blogs. I met her years ago at a conference and she keeps up with me. But I too get those comments on past blog post. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Ann Thompson said…
Usually when I get comments on an older post it's spam. I stopped allowing anonymous comments because of the spam I started getting
Christine said…
Have fun!
Dewena said…
Have fun with the grandboys! Are you having thunder in the sunshine there? Lots of it here, a little rain early this morning, hoping for more to save on the water bill.
I hope you had fun with the grand boys. It's been so hot today. I hope you have found a nice cool spot to relax. Enjoy Independence Day. ♥
Liz A. said…
You can set your blog to not accept anonymous comments. Just a thought.
Sandra said…
anonymous is usually someone who doesn't have a blog or account. I added it for my 3 friends when I first started blogging, they had no way to comment. all they do is email. now that FB came along they don't comment on blog they only FB...
Jeanie said…
I hate anonymous comments unless they leave their name. Which is easy enough to do!
Enjoy time with your grands …

All the best Jan
Meanqueen said…
Anonymous comments, usually on older posts, sometimes on the current post, that say nice things or ask a question, are spam. I get tons of them, the same ones over and over again, I send them to the spam folder, then delete them. I ask my readers to click on 'comment as', and select 'name' and put their name in the box. It makes it easier for me to turf out the rubbish. If you change the settings to not allow anonymous, you also lose the 'name' option, meaning that all readers must have an account somewhere, usually a google account. A lot of people don't want to do this.

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